Essays on Crafting Strategy, Theories of Organizational Change Coursework

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The paper "Crafting Strategy, Theories of Organizational Change" is an outstanding example of management coursework.   In today’ s competitive business environment, the success of a firm increasingly depends on the ability of the organizational leaders to influence employees to follow them. Effective leaders ensure maximum productivity by implementing feasible strategies and ensuring good change management. An essential part of leadership is change and strategy management. Evidently, leaders are responsible for generating and communicating strategy, but their role does not stop there. They must manage change for implementation of the strategy. This requires them to ensure that employees comprehend the strategy, fit in it, and align leadership actions and decisions amicably.

The topics learned in weeks 6 to 11 have broadened my skills in the management of change and strategy, besides giving me insights on good change and strategy management. By and large, the weeks have enlightened me on the importance of management and how leadership impacts the implementation of change and strategy. Drawing on the class materials and discussions between weeks 6 and 11, this essay provides a reflection of how I related to every topic, and lessons learned.

The lessons learned in the whole unit have sharpened my skills in leadership, change, and strategy. The unit has helped me realize that change and strategy in an organization are an incremental process that entails learning and reflecting on the processes that leaders utilize and how these processes can be enhanced. The reflective journal focuses on the meaning of strategy, strategic analysis, grafting of strategy, theories of leadership and change, methods of managing change, and leading change. Through the journal, I wish to underscore areas that I have gained skills in and those that need further learning.

Although I have gained skills in the broad area of leadership, change, and strategy, I believe I need to further my learning on change management having realized that change management rather than the change itself, is essential in the attainment of operational effectiveness in a firm.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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