Essays on How Globalization May Affect My Career Essay

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The paper "How Globalization May Affect My Career" is an excellent example of an essay on human resources. The development of technology and network communication through the internet and handheld devices is amazing. The evolution of communication has tremendously grown since the inception of the internetworking protocol; this trend will continue as new innovations are made. It is obvious that this trend of communication and the development of technology will ultimately affect my career in the near future. According to Daveri (p. 9), the effect of technology is both negative and positive with respect to one’ s situation.

In essence, there will be an increase and decrease in job opportunities depending on the circumstance. It is now easier for a company in the UK to outsource some of its jobs to other diverse areas in the world and especially third world countries which offer cheap labor. Globalization has actually made the world closer and tightly joined together. The growth of social networks that can be accessed with a handheld device is making the entire group in the network irrespective of their destination joined together.

With the growth of communication, business competition is also increasing as more opportunities and market gaps are exploited (Basedow, 25). As communication trend continues, there is a high chance that my career will face stiff challenges in the future as a result of better solutions emerging from other countries (Guscina, 37). It may also be necessary for me to constantly upgrade my knowledge scope and get more information in my field of expertise in order to remain relevant. On a positive note, more opportunities may also emerge oversees and thus giving me the chance to exploit my career outside the country.

It is, therefore, most likely that most careers including mine will be affected by the ever-expanding globalization. Works Cited 


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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