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Religion and Theology Religion and Theology Wu Wei refers to a concept of Daoism that means knowing when to act or not to act. It also means a natural action. An aspect of Taoism is not to act but do everything. Non-doing is a spontaneous and effortless action. The aspect is immensely practical in the west as people experience themselves as part of unity of life. The city dwellers are, therefore, in a position to maintain balance and harmony (Bowler, 2010, p. 23). This is an appropriate way for a person to live his/her life since it implies an activity that is natural, spontaneous, and without effort.

It also promotes ones ability to learn and listen to both voices of environment and ones own voices. This enables us to heed intelligence for both body and mind. Paradox of Wu WeiThis arises since the statement is contradictory in nature. A good example of the paradox is a matter of how one act without acting. People try not to try by making it understandable and easy as if not trying. To eliminate the paradox, this means act on something before it comes into existence (Huang, and Chia, 2005, p.

11). Powers that a Confucius’ Superior Person as a modern-day super hero would haveToday, superior person posses’ powers like wealth, advanced education, and influential positions in church and the government. The person would use his character of benevolence to combat evil. This is a person who has considerable influence on the people and an optimistic view of the nature of human beings. They appreciate heaven as a personal and positive force in the universe (Huang, and Chia, 2005, p.

14). Someone who meets Confucius’ characteristics for a Superior PersonKong Fu meets the Confucius characteristics of a superior person. Superior people make their thoughts sincere; their objective must be truth and does not set their mind against anything or for anything. Kong, a philosopher positively influenced the life of East Asians through his teachings. He believed that if one knows the truth and do not act on it, then he/she lacks courage. He ensured that he delivered all the vital information to the people (Bowler, 2010, p.

29). The past assignments have made me realize the importance of avoiding violation of moral principles. They have made me mature into a superior person who copes with the prevailing situations. I am more concerned of virtue, composed and satisfied as opposed to concentrating on comfort. ReferencesBowler, P. (2010). The Completely Superior Persons Book of Words: Bloomsbury PublishingHuang, T., Chia, M. (2005). The secret teachings of the Tao te ching: Inner Traditions / Bear & Co

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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