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The paper "The State and Business" is a great example of a business essay. Various ways can make an organization unethical in its operations. Such practices that can make organizations unethical can include tax evasion, use of child labor in production, environmental pollution, failure to consider the welfare of the various stakeholders among other unethical practices.   As a result, the government has been intervening to come up with policies that can ensure that the practices of the organizations are ethical (Novak, 2001). For instance, through government interventions, some rules have been set governing employment issues in organizations.

This can involve the employment age, the minimum salary, and the rights and responsibilities of the staff. Also, the organizations are forced to ensure that they operate within the business laws. The government has been intervening to ensure that the practices of the organizations can assure ethical practices.               Organizations many try to fraud different stakeholders in the process of managing their operations hence the government has been very keen to ensure the organizations do not misuse the various stakeholders to the business. For instance, the government has been regulating the prices of the products offered in the market to ensure that the product that is availed to the consumers in the market are safe for human consumption.

In the process of ensuring that the products are safe for human consumption, the government has been setting the quality standards that have to be met (Marshall, 2011). A body has been established by the government that deals with the safety of the products and regulating the manufacturing of the products that are safe for human consumption. Besides, consumers can be exploited by the business by charging high prices.

As a result, the government has been intervening in the pricing to ensure that the products are fairly priced hence making the essential commodities affordable (Storck, 2000). Therefore, government intervention in the operations of businesses has been geared towards ensuring that the businesses do ensure ethics in business practices.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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