Essays on Relationship between Jet Blue Airlines and JFK Airport Research Proposal

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The paper "Relationship between Jet Blue Airlines and JFK Airport" is an outstanding example of a business research proposal.   Many different airline companies are operating globally and are directly influenced by what happens in the global airline industry and that survival is always at the centre of discussion. However, what should be noted and very important and that affects the performance of the different airline companies, is the relationship that exists with their respective hub airports. This is because, either directly or indirectly, the activity of either the airline company or the hub airport does have an effect on the other (DePamphilis, 2009).

For instance, if the airline company operating in a particular hub airport where it’ s a major airline enters into a merger, the hub airport is likely to suffer a great deal in many ways including a decline in revenues and service delivery to its staff. It’ s from this view that this research is taking an initiative to establish the relationship that exists between a major airline company in the United States and its hub airport by looking what are the effects of forming mergers by an airline company to the hub airport.

The company under consideration, in this case, is Jet Blue Airlines and the hub airport is JFK Airport. This will be important in demonstrating how the relationship that exists between different airline companies and their hub airlines. 1.1 Objectives To determine the relationships that exist between different airline companies and hub airports. To establish what effects airline companies’ mergers have on the hub airport and the community in general. To demonstrate the importance of having stable relationships among different airline companies and their hub airports. 2.0 Literature review Many different mergers have been formed not only in the airline sector but across different industries.

The mergers are commonly done horizontally where the companies involved operate in the same industry. More recently, with the increase in competition, different airline companies have tried to raise the issue of merging as one way of ensuring easy mobilization of their resources with no much success.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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