Essays on Group Projects Importance on My Future Career Coursework

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The paper "Group Project’ s Importance on My Future Career" is a good example of management coursework.   According to Dewey (1933, p. 118), reflective thought is the process that involves an “ active, persistent, and careful consideration of any belief or supposed form of knowledge in the light of the grounds that support it and the further conclusions to which it ends” . According to Dewey, reflection can be based on a solution; a perplexity, challenge or difficulty; an idea; or an imaginative action. In this essay, I will reflect on a group project which I participated in as part of my learning.

The reflection will involve recalling and/or detailing events and experiences; connecting the experiences with my feelings; and evaluating the experience based on existing knowledge and the group’ s objectives. Participation in a group project is not only rewarding but also full of learning experiences. In the group project that I participated in, I got to understand the importance of clearly stating the objectives of the project, planning, assessing risks, and most of all, having a fall-back plan should any of the identified risks occur.

Among the advantages of working within a group is that my colleagues and I got an opportunity to work as a team, albeit for a specific period. From the team project, the importance of task allocation and cooperation among members was underscored. As the project planning phase took off, the importance of effective communication also emerged; group members had to accommodate each other’ s opinions. In short, there was compromise and negotiations took place during the project, and this led to an effectively functioning group since the objectives were discussed and agreed upon by all (or a majority) of group members. Individual contributions My individual contributions to the project involved choosing the game that participants would have played (i. e.

FIFA 2013 video game); conducting research on how well to conduct a group project; contacting the would-be beneficiary charity organisation, and arranging equipment. Most of the foregoing contributions were however done by several members of the group and as such, I just played a role (just like all other members of the group) in them. As will be indicated later in the individual grade I will award myself, members of a group often suffer a common fate as has been indicated by Forsyth (2006).

The sharing of fate happens because, for the sake of cooperation in the group, members agree to conduct things in a specified way. Additionally, group members are joined by the unity of purpose, and a failure to achieve such a purpose is applicable across the group. During the projects, there are factors that helped the delivery of the project and others which hindered its delivery. Since we never held the project FIFA 13 tournament that we had been planning as an event to raise money for charity in favour of the Great Ormond Street Children’ s Hospital, it can be said that the factors that hindered project delivery won the day.

Before delving into the reasons that led to the groups’ failure to realise the objective of raising money for charity, it is important to indicate the factors that helped the project progress up to a day prior to the planned FIFA 13 tournament.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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