Essays on Relevant Facts about Uber Taxi Case Study

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The paper “ Relevant Facts about Uber Taxi” is a meaningful example of the business case study. It is required of all the cars operating under the Uber umbrella to heed and subscribe to an insurance cover. The standards of the state require that one provide a policy for $1 million. It has been claimed that signing up for an Uber taxi is giving up one’ s life for the ride. The controversy has stirred a debate over the economic importance of insurance and the safety of the customers and people using their services (Rossman, 2015).

The company has the advantage of the Uber taxi app, which puts them ahead of their competitors. Relevant facts about Uber taxi sign-up insurance policy This is a transportation industry in America, San Francisco, California. The industry has a mobile app named the Uber mobile app, which enables client’ s forward trip requests to the industry, and a driver is allocated the request. By 2015, uber taxi service was available in 300 cities and 58 countries in the world (uber. com). Though the venture has higher revenue returns, licensing of its drivers, disability act compliance, local regulations, and insurances is still an issue.

The government requires them to sign up for an insurance policy while their idea of ridesharing, which has no insurance cover, is still a debatable objective. Local Regulations: the local government and the county council require that Uber Company operates under the stated rules and regulations. The enacted licensing policies have been put in place to ensure lawful services to consumers and eliminate unfair practices from the company. The laid down policies laid down by the local government include the company must have a genuine license for operation, be insured by a recognized insurance company and rates to be paid are controlled by the local government so that the consumer will not suffer high rates by the company.

The drivers are required to have a genuine driving license and the cars to be used as taxis are to undergo regular inspection. Some companies fail to follow these laid down regulations like the Uber taxi company whose drivers are only required to have a regular driving license they don’ t require a commercial license for one to operate.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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