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The paper 'Motivation of Staff Members' is a great example of a Management Essay. Hiring or recruiting employees is one thing while retaining and having their commitment is another. The motivation of employees is an important part of management, especially in human resource management, for enhancing commitment and will from the staff members. Clearly, the motivation of employees is a very vital aspect of organizational operations and managers must have this within the work plan or operations framework of the company. Ideally, the success of any department, project, or even the strategy of the organization relies on the motivation and resultant commitment of employees.

Recruitment, retention, productivity, and profitability of the available human capital depend on the level of happiness, motivation, and, therefore, hardworking employees. As much as the motivation of employees is important for business and organization success, it has proven to be a very challenging and enduring part of human resource management. This is mainly because different employees have different likes, preferences, and desires regarding what keeps them motivated and, therefore, hardworking. From the ideology above, one can think of factors around employee motivation as psychological forces that shape the staff member’ s behavior, conduct, or response within the organization.

If these factors, psychological forces, enhance a person’ s commitment and hard work, then they also raise that employee’ s level of persistence and effort as well. It is difficult to single out a particular employee motivation strategy that will apply across the board due to the earlier highlighted dynamics. However, since they are psychological aspects, researches in disciplines such as psychology, biology, sociology, and neuroscience, just to mention a few, have given a sneak peek on these issues around the human brain.

Therefore, in a managerial attempt to improve employee motivation the human resource manager must take these psychological factors into consideration. Many successful companies and organizations have accepted the understanding, that a motivated workforce is a positive ingredient to a better organizational performance by all standards. In this regard, there are many and various ways through which managers can achieve employee motivation, ensure focus on set objects and, as a result, improve overall organizational performance. At the end of the day, many factors influence the workplace and job quality for the staff member, and employee motivation is one of these many factors. Swanberg and  Simmons (119) explore the effects on job and work quality in relation to the physical health of employees.

The physical health is a personal factor away from professional and work needs. The suggestion here is that realization of the company’ s goals and the productivity of the employees are dependent on the strategy that the company employs in its operations. Swanberg and  Simmons (120) also identify employment security, co-worker support, and employee motivation as determinants of productivity.

The general view is that most organizations and corporations with flexible work programs are more productive in terms of the performance of their employees. They define a flexible work program as that which enables one to balance between productive work and satisfaction of social desires. In the article, respect to that flexibility is a show of the management’ s recognition of the importance of all aspects of life, be it personal or social, to the stakeholders of a company.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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