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The paper "Renault Sports Market in Australia" is a wonderful example of a case study on marketing. Australia is one of the most robust countries in the car manufacturing industry both for domestic and international use. Its car industry is largely characterized by the manufacturing of large-sized cabin vehicles that are uniquely tied to its industry. In the recent past owing to the recent global recession that plagued the entire globe in 2008, the industry was negatively impacted so much that there was a remarkable downturn in automotive sales (Guise 2001).

This recession led to a number of cut downs worst of which was the official closure of Mitsubishi Motors Australia Plant that is in Adelaide in February 2008. The car industry market share in Australia is dominated by Toyota which by March 2009, had sold 16 608 vehicles which represented 22 percent of the market share. Other manufacturers that are active in the industry in Australia include Holden, Ford, and Renault. For this paper, the attention is given to Renault Sport which is narrowed down to two of its car models: Clio Renault Sport and Megane Renault.

These two models are magnificent creations of French Automaker Renault which have taken the car industry by storm in their complexity, class, and efficiency as automobiles. This industry is analyzed and studied more keenly to assess its strength in the market and establish its comparative advantage in relation to other companies in the car industry in Australia (Nahum 2004)Background InformationThis assignment is based on Renault Australia which is a firm that specializes in the production of cars, vans, tractors, buses, and trucks.

Its association and alliance with Nissan, has made Renault currently the fourth-largest automaker in the world. The company is large and owns a number of corporations in the world and in Australia. A number of such corporations are the Korean Renault Samsung Motors and the Romanian Automobile Dacia. Renault boasts of superb revolutionary designs, motor racing and security technologies and its most recent car model in the market now are the Renault Clio. As a strategy of its expansion to permeate the whole world (major economies), Renault came to Australia under the name Renault Australia and established its base as assembling and importing company for automotive.

Renault's arm was set up in Heidelberg in Melbourne. This plant was mainly for assembling models like R8, R10, R12, R16, R15, and R17. The company further diversified its products to include Peugeots and also assembled Ford Cortina station wagons which were done under a contract with Ford. Renault continued forming a partnership with big companies around the world to consolidate its market share and ensure product differentiation and amass enviable competitive advantage over most of its competitors.

In 1979, it partnered with AMC and eventually bought it when AMC went bankrupt with the fall of its 4x4 truck and XJ Cherokee models which were not doing well in the market at the time.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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