Essays on Rent-a-Car Enterprise Should Apply Profiling, Product Analysis, and Systematic Review to Estimate Customer Satisfaction Research Proposal

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The paper “ Rent-a-Car Enterprise Should Apply Profiling, Product Analysis, and Systematic Review to Estimate Customer Satisfaction" is a  potent example of a research proposal on marketing. Customer satisfaction is important and necessary for Rent-a-car Enterprises. It needs to be evaluated in order to establish how satisfied their customers are with their products and services. Evaluating how much this is achieved requires a survey to be conducted. Although their mode of conducting the survey has yielded better responses more than anticipated for the means used, there is room for improvement. To improve, the enterprise should or is recommended to adopt other means of collecting or gathering customers’ responses to their services.

There different means of conducting these surveys including primary data collection and secondary data collection in order to understand their key competitors. Both of these means will be discussed in this paper. Primary data research methodThere several primary data collection methods that the enterprise could adopt. These include; use of employees, online survey and use of customer care centers. The use of employees is one of the quickest and easiest ways of getting a response from the customer (Zikmund & Babin, 2006).

This method uses key primary data collection methods including questionnaires, interviewing and sampling. Employees who come into contact with the customers get to ask for responses from the customers and get an immediate response. The other way involves employees handing over questionnaires to the customers to get a first-hand response and recommendations. The employee could also pick out random customers and interview them for responses. This is a more effective means as all customers get to come in contact with an employee and hence high levels of response.

The advantages of this mean include a high level of response as all customers may hand in the response and recommendation. It is also quick since the response is immediate and it is way cheaper than the current means of a survey. In involving the staff, customer feedbacks are responded to quickly and it indicates commitments to customer satisfaction Kotler, P. & Armstrong, G. (2007). Its limitations are few. They include; Customer manipulation by employees to fill inaccurate data or the employees filling on behalf of the customer would be the key challenge. The internet has become a major part of people’ s lives today.

Rent-a-car could take advantage of this and use the internet to conduct customer satisfaction surveys. It can be used just like traditional suggestion boxes. The enterprise sets up their own website where their products could be accessed by anyone from anywhere. The questionnaires could be posted on the website where customers could fill them to give a response or an avenue where comments about their services could be received is created on the site (Fleisher & Bensoussan, 2003).

This works like the traditional suggestion boxes which should also be installed in the enterprise offices. This suggestion box gives the customer an avenue to give feedback and comments anonymously. The advantage of using the internet just like the suggestion box is that it is quick and cheap for the client hence motivating them to do that often while remaining anonymous (Wiid & Diggines, 2010). It also gives them the chance to remain anonymous and hence chances of a better and accurate response.

Its limitation includes; it may not be accessible to the individual who does not have access to or knowledge of the internet.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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