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Kiewit Website Proposal and JustificationIntroductionKiewit is one of the biggest construction companies in United States where integrity, hard work and innovation are embraced. In the last 125 year, Kiewit has remained as the one of the big and most recognized organization in the region of North America (Kiewit 2007, p. 1). This firm has carried out various projects of all magnitude to produce solutions of world class in various markets. The organization is committed to all of its mining and construction projects with a goal of building them on budget, on time, safely and with no surprises.

In every organization including Kiewit, effective communication is lifeblood and it is associated with transfer of communication (Fielding 2005, p. 13). Communication is referred to as effective if it establishes a needed impression on the other individual and supports in attaining all intended goals. Effective communication, whether written or oral, is a skilled work. A method by which information is passed between companies and persons with the aim to persuade, request or inform and to create goodwill is also viewed as an effective communication. The information should be correct, clear, complete, and save the time of reader and support to achieve its objectives.

The advancing technology has helped in creating useful communication tools which are entertaining and effective. Through internet, website has been found as a vital tool in creating effective communication because of its some advantages such as cost effectiveness, easily updated and easy accessibility (O'Reilly & O'Neill 2008, pp. 41). In order to accomplish its objectives, website must be easy to navigate, interesting, up to date and filled with information that is well displayed and appropriately worded.

Locker and Kaczmarek’s PAIBOC principles are aimed to answer PAIBOC questions. The PAIBOC represent an acronym required to be analyzed in order to obtain foundation of effective communication. These are; purpose, audience, information, benefits, objections and context (Kamath 2007, p. 11). Proposed WebsiteThe objective is to propose and justify the website that will be opted to attract high school students to pursue career in engineering oriented to construction and mining. Kiewit organization has its values which include; integrity, hard work and innovation which are the key drive to it success (Kiewit 2007, p. 2).

Therefore, the organization will be obliged to develop a strategy that will be targeting to lure high school students to pursue profession in engineering in their further education. This is because the organization is an engineering based and professionals produced in this career will be important to its operations. From available strategies, it will be appropriate and convenient for Kiewit to choose website as its strategy to effectively communicate with its targeted audience who are high school students. The website will be developed by designer who will bearing in mind that it is aimed to attract young people who turn out to be high school students.

The tag line of our website will be ‘Launching construction and mining based career to shape the world’ and it will be designed to appear in appealing graphics and themes. This will also be supported by the reasons for high school graduate to choose engineering as a profession. Students will also be able to obtain exciting information about opportunities and benefits for working in a mining and construction organization such as Kiewit.

These benefits emanate from the fact that the company is employee owned where long time employees are offered equal opportunities to service as senior managers. The opportunities presented will be listed in categories of construction and mining. Construction offers opportunities in various industries of engineering such as architecture, consultancy, civil engineering, electrical, mechanical, structural, water, environmental, transportation, geotechnical, hydraulic and surveying. List of opportunities offered through mining are explosives specialists, exploration, geologists and mineral processing specialist.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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