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Recommendations for Improving the Success of the Group Affiliation Recommendations to Improve the Group Success Success isbuilt through group work since no individual can be successful on their own. A group of people aiming towards a mutual goal have the potential to achieve their goal but also has the potential to make the goal impossible. Therefore, every group should have a set of characteristics that will make it achieve their goals (Maddux, Wingfield, & Osgood, 2009). The group presented in the movie has both weaknesses and strengths from different characters that cordially determine their speed to success. The group presented in the movie is normal since it contains people with different ages, characteristics and aspirations.

Such a group should have work under certain measures to ensure that they enjoy group success, as well as individual success. Teamwork is required in the group in this case, and for it to be achieved, the group should state clear their norms which every group member should adhere to (Maddux, Wingfield, & Osgood, 2009). This will act as leverage such that while working as a group nobody will be greater than the other, and the group mission will come before personal goals.

The group should make their target clear so that each member can focus on the part assigned. Clarity of goals leads to eventual success. All the assigned roles should be structured, and each group member should provide a report on the progress in each meeting held. This will avoid the disagreements that are seen in the group since each member will be held responsible over specific roles. Group support lacks in the group and is evident since some members feel inferior due to factors such as age, education and technical ability.

It is necessary that group members create a supportive environment whereby each member is ready to help the other achieve their goals and roles in the group (Huffmire & Holmes, 2006). A supportive environment fosters active participation and hence unlimited success. The members should also understand that group success moves in natural stages, and each member should be patient before the group gets to its climax. Internal motivation is paramount in every member so that the group can deliver the best.

Some members in the group such as Yo Santos are experiencing low internal motivation. Personal motivation is necessary for every member and hence each member in this group should help the others be internally motivated by appreciating them. Achievement of internal motivation among all the members will lead to group motivation and hence the attitude of teamwork and cooperation will be developed. The group has already shown their potential, and it is necessary that they develop an organizational culture for the group (Maddux, Wingfield, & Osgood, 2009).

This will define how the group members interact with one another and how they handle various business activities. Success has no limits and hence the group should focus on achieving more. They should develop higher standards and higher goals, and each individual should strive to play their part in getting there. Apart from group goals, each of the members should also set higher personal goals in terms of their productivity (Huffmire & Holmes, 2006). Lyle as the group leader should strive harder to head by example by ensuring that the roles assigned to him are executed impeccably.

He should ensure that there is constant flow of information so that each member is well-informed at all times. In conclusion, group success begins on individual success and hence each member has to play their part perfectly for eventual success of the group. References Huffmire, D. W., & Holmes, J. D. (2006). Handbook of effective management: How to manage or supervise strategically. Westport, CT: Praeger. Maddux, R. B., Wingfield, B., & Osgood, D. A. (2009). Team building: Turn personal strengths into group success.

Rochester, N.Y. : Axzo Press.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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