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SummaryCatastrophe Concepts’ facingfew challenges due to their declining sales. Evey department has pressure to cut down his expenses and cost. Few employees performance are affected due to extra work load. Human Resource Department is one of the most important and significant department which is responsible for dealing with employees. It’s HRD’s responsibility to evenly divide duties among all workers. Based on ethical grounds, it is mangement responsibility to support company’s responsible and hard working employees if they become misfit for the organization due to their health reasons. If HRD adopts new techniques, new approaches in order to motivate employees than it can be assured that an organization can easily reach the top.

Chapter 1:Introduction Human resource management is one of the important pillars which led an organization towards success. HR Manager holds a great responsibility of recruiting, staffing and managing employees. Employees are the asset of any firm and their satisfaction in firm boost up company performance and its position in market. Catastrophe Concepts’ is a leading firm but due to some reasons its sales are at decline. Employees do not feel motivated while working in the firm.

Some measures are required in the light of basic HRM theories in order to make employee’s satisfied and motivated. The paper deals with the case study of Catastrophe Concepts’ marketing team. The earlier sections of paper deal with HRM responsibilities and their duties. Later section focuses on Catastrophe Concepts’ case study, some recommendations and suggestions in order to make Catastrophe Concepts’ team motivated. Human resource management (HRM) is the important and consistent technique to the management of an organization's most precious assets - the employees working there who collectively and individually participate in the achievement of the goals & aims of the business.

The name “human resources" and "human resource management" (HR) have mainly replaced the terminology "personnel management" as a definition of the procedures involved in arranging & managing people in organizations. In common term sense, HRM means hiring people, creating their resources, maintaining and accommodating their services in combination with the job and business requirement. Importantly, few individual distinguish dissimilarity between HRM (a high management action) and HRD (Human Resource Development, an approach).

Those individual might involve HRM in HRD, defining that HRD involves the wide range of actions to create personnel inside of organizations, such as career development, organization development, training, etc. The HRM function and HRD profession holds ability to bring a tremendous change in the organizations. Few years back, large firms focused to the "Personnel Department, " in order to manage the manual work around recruiting and compensating people. Recently, multinational firms focus on the "HR Department" as performing a vital role in recruiting, training and supporting to organize people so that personnel and the firm are working at maximum capability in a perfect manner (Ulrich and Dave, 1996). HRM is one of the most important pillars which can take the organization towards the success.

Many researchers worked on HRM in past years and now HRM has become one of the most important aspect for finding any lack or success of an organization. Following are some theories and models. A number of organizations are following these theories collectively or separately but every organization has some structure, goals and paths to manage its employees and staff.

These theories focus on best practices for managing employees efficiently. Few theories focuses on human basic needs, some focus on motivation, some highlight leadership style but the goal of all theories is to manage employees with perfection.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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