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Positive Aspects of Face-bookIntroduction Technology is an important aspect in our current society and it keeps evolving with time. Technology has completely taken over the entertainment industry with the upcoming trend of communication. Facebook is the new evolved technology that has taken over the entertainment industry by a storm as well as communication. It is a social networking centre that has got many people involved and hooked on to it. It enables one to create his/her own page and can be able to communicate with their friends at ant time. So many individuals have found themselves drifting from other network centers and find themselves being immensely attracted to facebook.

This has managed to draw out very strong opinions from many individuals regarding facebook and these opinions have raised a controversial issue about the aspects of facebook. As much as many people love to believe that facebook has more negative aspects and influence on people, it also has positive aspects that are genuine and have helped many people and this report will focus on the positive aspects of facebook. Communication The main focus of facebook was to create a social network that helps people reconnect with their old friends or to connect with new friend and be able to communicate with them at anytime at very low costs.

According to Ellison, Steinfield & Lampe (2007), it has helped many people stay in touch and be aware of the well being of their friends and family who live far from each other. Communication is an important aspect in life and where people used to find no time to communicate with their friends due t high call rates or lack of time now are able to stay constantly in touch with their friends.

Many people have admitted on being addicted to facebook and spend a better time of their day hunched on their computers or looking down at their phones in facebook since it helps them feel connected to the rest of the world and helps them get involved in their friends lives. In case people are too busy to get together with their friends or family, they can just be able to stay in touch and communicate through facebook for a considerable moment and they say it feels like they were together and the time they could find to get together was made up for through facebook. Although communication is the most common positive reason for the social network site, it also helps kill time and entertain at the same time.

Many people are against the fact that most individuals spend almost all their time logging in to facebook, it may have an annoying streak but at the same time helps keep somebody occupied. When one has been busy the whole time and gets time only for a very short break, he might need something it distract his thoughts before going back to his busy nature and facebook has created an easy way out (Ellison, Steinfield & Lampe, 2007).

During this time one cannot be able to engage in physical activities to distract him so opts to turn to facebook where he is distracted for a while when he catches up with his friends latest activities. It also helps entertain many young people since the time they would have spent idling around engaging in unfit activities is now spent connecting with their friends through facebook.

It helps keep their mind alert and keeps them away from trouble.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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