Essays on Wal-Mart - Value Chain Analysis, Ethical and Environmental Issues Assignment

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The paper “ Wal-Mart - Value Chain Analysis, Ethical and Environmental Issues” is a useful example of a business assignment. Wal-Mart has been facing issues of operation management since 2009 and raises the question of whether the same operational management strategy will ensure a similar growth rate and ensure that the different environmental and ethical issues are looked at. Wal-Mart has been successful over the last few years due to the proper operational management strategy which was adopted by the organization. The value chain analysis highlights the manner in which Wal-Mart has been able to perform as a cost leader due to the adoption of strategies like cost-effectiveness in corporate culture, management style, and operations.

To ensure efficiency in operational management Wal-Mart has streamlined its supply chain and has been able to deal with the different customer needs. This has also raised questions concerning the environment and other ethical issues which need to be addressed as during the process of gaining operational efficiency Wal-Mart has compromised on environmental and ethical needs. The future strategy for Wal-Mart needs to be developed keeping in mind the manner in which the different ethical and environmental standards will be achieved and at the same time ensuring that operational gains are achieved through the process. IntroductionWal-Mart has been successful over the last four decades and has become the world’ s largest retailer due to the manner in which the different operational activities are carried out.

The retail player has been growing both in the US and another international market as integrating their supply chain and achieving operational efficiency has provided them an opportunity to tap a bigger market. Over the last few years, Wal-Mart is facing issues regarding its growth and future development.

This report looks to examine the different operational activities which were carried out by Wal-Mart and the manner in which it helped them to gain operational efficiency. This is followed by the identification of the different ethical and environmental issues which have been raised and the steps which need to be taken to improve those.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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