Essays on Managing Diversity in an Organization - Nordens Confectionary Case Study

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The paper 'Managing Diversity in an Organization - Nordens Confectionary " is a good example of a management case study. Managing diversity in an organization is a herculean task for any organization; it is even more complex when it comes to a family business. The case study aims at advising Nordens Company on how to approach the issues of managing diversity. The case study begins with the exploration of the company, its background as well as the issues at hand. The reports also outline the path the company can follow in implementing equality and diversity practices as well as offering recommendations.

Lastly, the report outlines the issues that may affect the implementation process. Nordens is a confectionery manufacturing company in North West London. The company markets its product both locally (United Kingdom) and in other countries within the European Union. Nordens is a family-owned business, started in the 1920s with its top management dominated by members of the family. The company employs five hundred permanent staff and a slightly above three hundred temporary staff who are contracted for three months during the peak season.

Out of the five hundred permanent staff, two hundred are part-time and are dominant women. Also, the better part of the full-time permanent staff is women and is involved in production and dispatch. Men dominate technical departments. Other employees include those who are in sales, accounts and supervisory. The staff is unionized. The company workforce is predominantly women, there are women friendly practices such as child caring responsibilities and holiday cover to take care of the child although there is no policy towards this. The salary and benefits in this company are high above the industry average. Future plans The company is considering restructuring its operation with the introduction of new products and diversification.

It aims to tap the new market presented by the increasingly multicultural population in town as well as increase its products to the markets in the European Union.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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