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The paper "Self-Managed Learning " is a great example of a management essay.   I am Mazyad Albugami, a 2006 graduate from Alaqssa High school. Following my secondary education completion, I worked between 28th January 2008 and 28th December 2008 in the call centre department of HSBC Bank based in Riyadh, which is Saudi Arabia’ s capital city and afterward I decided to further my education in human resources, which is the career of my choice. I had to pass the IELTS exam so as to enroll in the foundation course that I took between 23rd September 2010 and 15th June 2011, which enabled me to have the offer of an HR course.

For this reason, I joined on 23rd September 2011 Cardiff metropolitan university based in Cardiff city where I did my foundation for more than two years given that am at the moment in the final year which I will finish on 14th June this year. After my current course, I plan to pursue my postgraduate degree in HR at Keele University and am looking forward to working in the Saudi embassy in London since I had an offer from them last summer. I have the ability to learn from other given that society expects us to continue learning even when we are adults, but more professionally For instance, it is measured fairly up to standard to continue as adults in learning novel skills as well as achieving prerequisites for furthering our professionalism, but based on developing our emotion life, society makes us believe that emotional development is a personal development and so must be handled quietly and privately (Odro et al. , 2012, p. 7).

Sill, viewing life from such a perspective would make us never to have a chance of maturing appropriately or having positive changes in our lives. Undeniably, life is based on evolving by means of transition and learning; thus, we must perform personal development publicly and devoid of panic of mockery for the whole period of our existence. As a result, personal/emotional development should not be seen as weak point. Every person has a right to learn how to individuals (Teare et al. , 2011, p. 62).


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