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The paper “ Carlene's Dream Job - Developing Management Skills”   is a   well-turned example case study on human resources. As the history of the Western, Sydney subsidiary suggests, it had been profitable for many years most probably due to good management particularly in terms of policy in which the case study claim was within the standards of the manufacturing industry. Moreover, it has a Human Resource Department that was supposedly efficient in supporting the organization’ s goals and objectives. However, this does not seem accurate as far as the Operations Department is a concern because there was intimidation, one-man rule, and abuse of authority. According to Sears et al.

(2006), a healthy workplace is one place where employees can have a sense of meaning in their work, caring and thoughtful relationship with their management, equitable, and respect the individual personhood of each employee. On the other hand, a bad and unhealthy workplace is characterized by low employee morale, communication problem, divisiveness, and unresolved conflicts (p. 319). Moreover, workplace bullying contributes to an abusive work environment since it often results in physical or psychological harm (Einarsen et al.

2010, p. 456). Along with a lack of control, personal problems between staff, poor communication, and management resulting in confusion and unreasonable workload, bullying is a workplace stressor that affects the quality of working life. Instead of managing or eliminating these stressors, the Operations Department leadership was creating them to the extent that he was at this capacity violates policies that he supposed to protect (Week 3 Seminar Notes, p.2). Clearly, considering the fact that the Operations Manager in the case study was almost at his retirement, employees of the Operations Department was being abused for a long time.

A part of this work or the Operations Department, therefore, was an unpleasant working environment, “ toxic” , where moral well-being was not protected, inequitable, capable of causing physical and mental injury, unsafe, and unfriendly (Week 3 Seminar Notes 2007, p. 2).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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