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The paper "Amazon Analysis" is a great example of a Business case study. Amazon Company is the internet’ s leading book, video, and music retailer that began its virtual operations in 1995. Ever since its establishment the company has been able to fully operationalize its activities through the internet. Being a business that operates on the online platform it is relatively easier for the company to reach out to customers who are separated by different geographical boundaries. This is because the company offers customers services through their interaction with the internet. The realization that for improvement of its profit margin, the company will have to realize some form of improvement in terms of its customer base, the decision to globalize its operations was in line with the company’ s business strategy. Other than professional development initiatives, Amazon Company, through its human resource department has been able to lay more emphasis on the need for additional training to improve on the levels of expertise among the employees.

This is because the globalization of operations requires some level of improvement in the amount of work that the employees are able to execute in the process of satisfying additional demands by the customers. Employee incentives play a major role in motivating employees to realize the objectives of the company.

, there is a need for the company to consider the incorporation and training of more employees on a matter related to professional competence     Amazon Company Introduction The Amazon Company which is popular as the largest internet retailer on the global platform defines itself, its lines of supply in terms of sale of products, fulfilments of customer desires, digital content subscription, advertisement publishing, and co-branded.

Using these variables it is possible to understand the operations of Amazon Company from the perspective of online retail business, kindle ecosystem, and internet services.


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