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IntroductionOrganisations require specialised equipments and tools to ensure that they may succeed in their daily duties. In the market, different equipments and tools exist ranging from human resource to technological. An example of organisation that champions the use of technology especially information technology is Google Inc. , a company that specialises in Internet search engine (Armoni, 2000). Other products and profit generation activities that the company champions include online mapping, email, social networking, office productivity, mobile phone operating system, open source web browser and video sharing services. Moreover, Google Inc.

has acquired and collaborated with other companies to expand product offering. To succeed in its operation, Google has championed the use of information technology as elaborated in this report. HardwareHardware can be defined as the tangible equipments that are used to fulfil the requirements of information systems. Examples of hardware include monitors, printers, photocopiers, scanners, and cameras. Hardware is the foundation and important technological equipment that the company maximises (Curtis & Cobham, 2008). Google mostly utilises servers since its main duties are search engine and storage of huge amounts of files through their provision of email and other documents.

Moreover, the servers stores information of their employees and forms a basis of utility transaction such as cloud computing. Numerous types of technology exits and usually Google Inc. utilises the most appropriate at different scenarios and conditions (Google, 2010). The hardware that is used should complement and support different hardware that is in the organisation. For example, printers completed with computers, but the right size, capability and quality of the printer is required. This is clearly understood by Google Inc. through analysing the market requirements before purchasing any hardware or improving on available hardware.

Any activity cannot operate without the use of appropriate hardware and that is set in a way that fulfils specific or collective actions. Generally, Google Inc. has a collection of hardware that fulfils the requirements of the organisation (Google, 2010). SoftwareGoogle Inc. understands the importance of software and thus they utilises it in their activities. Software is intangible when compared with hardware and it aide humans to communicate and synchronise with the hardware. Google Inc. utilises different types of software that include application and specifically designed software (Google, 2010).

Application software is used in day-to-day activities such as writing memos, reports and processing data. Some common type of application software includes word processors, spreadsheets, and databases. Moreover, specialised software includes the one that operates search engine. Search engine is a source of income for Google Inc. since it is mostly utilised in its daily activities. Additionally, software correlates different tasks, incorporates them, and ensures that there is easiness in which other software can be operated (Google, 2010).

Example of such software is operating systems that form the foundation of any hardware before installation of other applications. This means that appropriate software are utilised by Google Inc. and at the same time introduces and improves those that they can accessDatabasesDatabases can be described as a means in which computer systems, hardware, or other application software can store information. In many organisations, databases are used to store information, helps in manipulating them, assessing, and retrieving them (Curtis & Cobham, 2008). Google Inc. understands importance of databases since most of its activities utilise databases (Google, 2010).

Common uses of databases at Google Inc. include storing financial transactions, human resource data, customer details, supplier details, and other stakeholders’ details. Moreover, the databases are used to code the search engine operation while other databases are used in storing email information (Armoni, 2000). The email name, Gmail, is utilised by many people, and thus the users names, password, and settings information is stored in this databases. Databases play a major role at Google Inc. and thus they continually improve on the available databases, and with the Google Lab facility accepts contribution from the users on the way the database on other software can be improved (Traunmuller, 2002).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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