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A good and well-structured job description is used as an important management tool for a growing company. It is also an important document in case of legal suits. Although, a company is not bound to write job descriptions by law, such descriptions help a company to make critical recruitment decisions such as deciding about the pay package, promoting or terminating employees etc (Al-Marwai & Subramaniam 2009). Some of the benefits of creating a good job description are: It helps the employees in understanding their roles in a better manner and they can focus more on the important tasks assigned to them.

It provides guidelines to managers for hiring, supervising and promoting the staff (Dessler 2008). Companies are also expected to abide by the employment laws and job description is one of the many documents that the company is expected to provide in case of a law suit. Further, some of these laws, such as discrimination regulations and fair labour standards, also affect the relationship between the employee and the employer. In order to showcase that the company is complying by these laws, job description is the best way to do so (Mader-Clark 2008).

It can also be used as a yardstick to measure the performance of an employee, or to decide upon whether to take a particular candidate or not, or why to pay a certain employee more than the other (Dessler 2008). However, the companies should also be aware of the fact that the job descriptions would change over a period of time and companies should weed out outdated job descriptions at regular intervals (Gan & Kleiner 2005). In case of Circular Book Solutions, the job descriptions for the company were originally written by a consultant about six years ago.

They have never been revised and are out of date. For the job of marketing representative there is no job description at all because the job was created only five years ago. As general manager, Mary Wensley is responsible for HR management matters, but she has little time to devote to them. Thus, the above mentioned points about the necessity to create job descriptions were never realised in Circular Book.

Therefore, the company might get into trouble in case its employees or the government agencies decide to file a lawsuit against Circular Book. The company not only needs proper written job descriptions for every job role but it also needs a framework to follow to update the job descriptions from time to time. In order to ensure that these descriptions remain updated and accurate, the company would need to follow these steps (Al-Marwai & Subramaniam 2009): While preparing a job description, include fields on preparation date and approval date for all the job roles.

Once the job description is update, one should also change these dates as well. Always ensure that the job description is current and accurate while undertaking an appraisal process. One should ensure that the job description is updated before undertaking a recruitment process. The job descriptions should be reviewed on a regular basis, maybe annually. Further, spot audits should also be undertaken to find out if the job description is in sync with the current job role. Involve employees in the process of updating job descriptions by asking them to provide their feedback on the existing job descriptions.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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