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The paper "Commercial Application of Trend" is an amazing example of a research paper on marketing. Marketing is an important aspect of movies as it helps to attract audience towards the movie and with the high expenditure which has already been incurred in directing a movie, it is imperative that strategies are developed through which more and more people can be attracted to the theaters. With a decrease in the sale of DVD’ s moviemakers have to develop strategies which will be aimed at attracting people towards the theater. With the already decline being witnessed in the number of audiences visiting theaters the importance of developing strategies that will help to reduce cost is an aspect that is being relied on (The Numbers, 2012).

This has made the production house to refocus on areas through which attendance and profits can be achieved and will help to ensure the long term success of the movie maker. This research thereby aims at looking at the manner in which the decline in the sale of movie tickets can be transformed through increased sale of tickets in theaters and will also look at reducing the cost of promotion so that profits increases and more and more people can be attracted to the theater.

Social networking sites are one that is widely used by teens and young adult moviegoers which will act as a mechanism through which the sale of movie tickets will increase and will help to reduce the overall cost for promotion as ensuring the positive impact of social media marketing (Millennials, 2010). The popularity of social media networking sites provides different tools like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and others through which social media will provide an opportunity to create awareness about the different movies and will help to increase the number of attendance visiting theater (Carvell, 2009).

This will provide a two way dimension for the viewers as it will be different from the traditional medium and will provide an opportunity through which word of mouth helps to spread information about the movies through social media and can create both a positive or negative impact based on the actual movie which is shown (Business, 2011). The process of creating a successful marketing campaign has to be above the use of different tools like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter and develop a process where information is passed to the final audience and needs to develop a mechanism which aims at supporting and revolutionizing the manner in which movie is viewed and helps to attract maximum audience in the most positive manner (Elloitt, 2011). Literature Review Unlike other industries, movie industry has been struggling as well, revenue declining about 2.6 percent in 2011 from 2010 i. e.

from $10.47 billion in 2010 to $10.20 billion in 2011, however this may seem a small fall in the revenue, the number of tickets sold had a sharp fall of about 18 percent when compared with 2002 which is seriously an area of concern.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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