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The paper "Commercial Application of Trend" is an outstanding example of an essay on marketing. The marketing industry has undergone a paradigm of change constantly caused by new trends which have made it easy for companies to calculate their profits prior to production thereby enabling companies to predict accurately marketing costs. This indulgence of the consumer data in making decisions has allowed the consumer to make important decisions varying with his taste and likes. However, as the paper points out most of these trends come along with a dark side which if not controlled can result in negative results. This report chooses to start the discussion by first discussing the internet and related trends before indulging in other trends.

Each trend is discussed in a manner to portray its practicality advantages and detriments that stand along. The aim is to introduce different current trends so as to encourage a more sound decision (Lindgreen et al. 2004). Internet marketing: In the last ten years marketing has undergone extreme makeover changes that it has experienced in the last 100 years (Lamb et al.

2009). Following the recent trends, it is no longer enough to be smart in marketing or savvy technologically. What this means is that there is a need to understand the different opportunities and risks that confront today’ s business. However, even in this case, they're still found companies, who still don’ t fully believe, in the internet power which forms and gives today’ s most popular trends. Most companies have been seen to capitalize on short term trends among this is the fashion industry that has been shy in the implementation of the new trends (Czinkota & Ronkainen, 2007).

However these fears are wrongly played, and in most cases, the traditional businesses are seen to fall, the victim. This, however, can be counted by looking at how many consumers, businesses, peers, and competitors are already using the internet and social media as a major platform, for marketing. to understand the importance of the internet the following questions should be considered: what is the number of people currently connected to high-speed internet at work and at home. How many people use the hipper iPhone to a more standard cellphone?

How many books for vacations online? How many go online to do research? The further you push these questions you come to the realization that the internet as a trend of the new millennium is not a fad. Marketing on the internet has opened wider doors to a larger global audience (Dowd et al. , 2010). This is made possible by the ability of the internet to allow instant response and elicit responses to a unique quality of the medium. Additionally keeping with this (Dowd et al, 2010).

Internet marketing broadly embodies the internet, e-mail, and wireless media which call for the management of consumer data and customer relationship management electronically.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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