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The paper 'Visitor Experience Management' is a great example of a Management Assignment. The report will mainly focus on tourism sectors as a case study some of the sectors to be discussed are Hahndorf Adelaide a restaurant based in Australia, Barossa Adelaide as one of the cultural experience places and airline called British Airways. it will analyze the key strategies that will assist different lessons that have been categorized in achieving different goals of destination sustainability. Further explanation will be done in comparison to the strategy on challenges that are hampering the implementation process of the strategies.

Finally how the company implement their business practices in regard to the strategies selected in each lesson and then and conclusion at the end of the report. Lecture topic 5: Visitor experience managementHahndorf Adelaide uses creativity and imagination based methods as a strategy to achieve different goals of destination sustainability. This involves doing things in a manual way, furthermore, it involves discovering some measures for certain problems that some people have not to find yet and using a combination of competency to the new problem areas.

Which can impact on different cultural forms and lead to new cultural products that will improve the cultural economy of the country (Scott et al. 2012). This strategy can face the challenge of ensuring the staff has a set of skills that at times is not easy even though it is very critical as it helps the Hahndorf Adelaide to ensure they provide quality services. The Hahndorf Adelaide implements this strategy by ensuring each and every individual share their ideas by contributing to every aspect of the strategy. Each idea is put into consideration, that will be analyzed for the industry to come up with improved ways on how it can improve the Hahndorf Adelaide.

Therefore I would recommend if the company emphasizes other strategies as a way of improving its competitive nature as compared to some of its competitors. Another strategy involves product orientation to experimental consumption, whereby a product-oriented approach entails highlighting the importance of product characteristics and its benefits for instance collection, the site of the architecture. While the consumer-oriented approach entails demanding the value of money and very important experience at the same time ensures it is stimulated, entertained, and emotionally and creatively challenges (Khoo-Lattimore 2011).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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