Essays on Kenatco Limited Market Case Study

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The paper "Kenatco Limited Market " is a great example of a marketing case study.   In this paper, there is the undertaking of an in-depth analysis of the food and beverage market. With this, there is the determination of the market trends and patterns. Through this, knowledge is developed on the various opportunities and threats that characterize the market. The movement of the market and its effect on the Australian economy is also pointed out. Through this, there is the creation of an understanding of the performance and what is in store for the market in the future.

There is, therefore, the analysis of the hospitality industry as a whole. Industry analysis The Australian food and beverage industry is one of the largest industries in the country. This is due to the high demand that characterizes it. The rate of production and the number of people operating in the industry are very many. (Dugdale, 2010)Based on this, we seek to develop a food retail store in the country. The location of the store will be in Sydney. We seek to liaise with the major distributors and producers in the market and to produce items that will be preferred by the people in the market.

This will be through the development of a high level of the quality cognizant item. (Powers, 1999) We will mostly specialize in the selling of both organic and non-organic foods and beverages. Through this, the diversification that we seek to put in place will aid us to attract customers from all the sectors. (Dugdale, 2010) Opportunities and threats in the industry Opportunities The reason behind the development in the food and industry market is the population and demand increase that is being experienced.

It is a true concept that all people in the world demand for the supply of food and beverage items. (Monroe, 2006) We, therefore, seek to meet the demand that is present and to build a business that will be highly cognizant of the trends in the market. The levels of demand have been on the rise due to the population growth that is being experienced in the country. The second opportunity that exists is that the current players in the market are not able to meet the levels of demand that exist in the market.

(Barth, 2001) This will be through the development of a supply and selling chain that will be able to address the levels of demand that have been on the rise. The prospects for growth for the business are also an opportunity that they should capitalize on. Through this, the benefits will be to the benefit of both the company and the people in the areas that will be served. To the company, there will be an increase in the level of returns that are made.

On the part of the people, they will have ample and adequate supply of the items that they require. Technological advances in the world have also served as opportunities for the growth and the expansion of the business. This is due to the development of policies and measures that will increase the returns that are made by reducing production and other costs incurred in the processes. (Miller, 2007)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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