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Human Resource ManagementIntroduction: The world has evolved dramatically with automobiles, steel, tire and various other industries had erupted during the industrial revolution. A number of countries came into the limelight like Japan, Germany, and Taiwan against the European Union. Organizations make up a nation because they provide jobs, earnings, standard of living; they influence lifestyles and at times culture. Without organizations a country can never grow. Some developing nations are dependant on imported stuff and that has adversely affected their domestic market which is the main reason why these countries never develop and are either taken over by an influential culture or vanish from the face of the earth.

On the other hand who makes the organizations? It’s the people who make an organization and without people the organization is just a still building with equipment which is useless because it’s the human mind that commands control over these still things and turns them into gold for nations. 1.0) Critical Assessment of the role of HR: Human resources refer to the people of an organization. Human resource managers seek to facilitate the contribution people make to achieve an organizations goals and strategies.

As a slogan at a Union Carbide Plant puts it, “Assets make things possible, people make things happen. ” It is important that human resource strategies support organizations objectives because they play a significant role in helping companies to achieve their objectives and goals. The central challenge facing organizations is the continued improvement of our organizations, both private and public. The people make an organization so they are responsible. The purpose of human resource management is to improve the productive contributions of people to the organization in ways that are strategically, ethically and socially responsible.

Human resources determine every organizations success! HR simply manages the people of an organization and not the factors that shape the employee’s contribution in an organization like capital, materials and procedures. Thus, HR can be termed as ambitious in this sense of the word. The objectives of human resource management are benchmarks against which actions are evaluated. There are several HR objectives: Organizational objective: To ensure that HR exists to contribute to the success of an organization.

HR needs to be managed in a way that it benefits the organization and helps to achieve its goals. Functional objective: To make sure that the department’s contribution is at a level that fits to the needs of an organization. HR management needs to be sophisticated so that resources are not wasted. Societal objective: To be ethically and socially responsible this is a need in today’s society and the world. It is a requirement of the organizations to ensure social responsibility and when each department within the organization aims to be socially and ethically responsible then the combined effort of the firm will show to the world. Personal objective: The major responsibility of an organization is to make sure that the employees are achieving their personal goals with the organization and also personal growth and self actualization.

Since dissatisfied employees result in high turnover. Also that fulfilling this objective is essential in retaining good employees and reducing turnover.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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