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The paper "Learner's Log Book, the Impact of Web 2.0 on Brand Management" is an outstanding example of a business essay. Web 2.0 is an improved technology on websites from earlier versions to aid in bettering the interaction between customers and the management of certain organizations or businesses. The ever-dynamic business environment in the tourism industry forced the Greek tourism industry to evaluate the use of Web 2.0 as a new service delivery tool. However, the use of customer opinion in shaping up new service delivery comes with its share of risks.

It was agreed that the involvement may be broken into segments so that a section of customers were engaged in certain aspects of the web 2.0 while others took time to use the remaining. As a result, it was found that specific factors are considered in the application of web 2.0: the Greek tourism industry is rather more dependent on domestic small business enterprises than multinationals with chains. To add to that, most of them use content generated from users after production processes to decide on service delivery than use web 2.0 to solicit customer reaction to a product before creating it.

The analysis brought out a hitherto unknown perspective – the Greek tourism industry would experience certain challenges in trying to influence its customer market segment using web 2.0 as a means to new service delivery. IV. KEY LEARNING POINTS The introduction of new products into markets needs more than a hasty process of surprising customers with a formerly unknown perspective. For instance, while a company whose product has been doing well in the market may provide a strong possibility for a new one to succeed, others may fall flat if customer needs are not looked at.

A look at Web 2.0 as a radical process reveals a shift of focus from a manufacturing active paradigm to a customer active one. User-generated content enables a business to address the needs of its customers to their satisfaction. On the other hand, when a manufacturer uses the initial manufacturing processes to decide customer’ s needs, more often than not their satisfaction is not met to the levels with which the former way does.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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