Essays on Sustainability Issues Affecting Chain Supply Management - Coca-Cola Case Study

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The paper 'Sustainability Issues Affecting Chain Supply Management - Coca-Cola " is a good example of a management case study. Supply chain sustainability is a key factor of responsibility in a corporate organization. Indeed, taking the proper management of social, economic, and environmental impacts of the supply chain management, and fighting corruption make business sense of a conducive operation. The drive of this report is to bring an understanding of challenges and risks in supply chain management. Sustainable logistic and supply chain management have come out as a key approach for companies such as Coca-Cola that aim to become feasible in the environment.

In fact, this topic is becoming of more concern for the industry and the researchers due to the increased demand to reduce the footprint of carbon. However, it is from the data collected that key drivers of sustainability are developed. Also, the report will focus on the kinds of practices that are related to environmental management that make the Coca-Cola Company take an initiative in the management and maintenance of logistics and supply chain management. Further, it will highlight how these practices influence the operational practices and the environment around the Coca-Cola Company.

The report provides more details of the study on the initiatives undertaken by the organization to address sustainable environment and social issues in the organization affecting the company`s logistics. Still, supply chain management and the relationships between the environmental policies and the performances of the operations will be cited as well. Finally, the report will conclude by providing recommendations for the case organization for more effective sustainable logistics and supply chain operations. Introduction Coca-Cola is an organization that exercises environmental business conscious practices, which has received more concern from both practitioners and researchers.

Without a doubt, it has been an organization that has integrated environmental practices into its strategic plans and operations. A variety of initiatives has provided incentives to the activities of the Coca-Cola Company to be friendly to the environment.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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