Essays on Appropriateness of the Secondary Data Collection and Analysis for Marketing Practitioners Research Paper

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The paper "Appropriateness of the Secondary Data Collection and Analysis for Marketing Practitioners" is an excellent example of a research paper on marketing. The secondary method of data collection used in any research is dependent solely on the relationship between the consultancy firm undertaking the project on behalf of the company and the individual who is going to analyze the report. Therefore, the report by the external group performing the research used the qualitative approach in obtaining information on most areas of their investigation in exploring issues and coming up with recommendations.

Hence we're able to use the structured form of interviews and observation in compiling their report that describes experiences faced by individuals and the group norms. They were also able to apply the qualitative approach through the use of databases that is a plethora of existing data as utilized by consultants in their endeavors. Secondary data is used before collecting new forms of data since it is more expensive and consumes a lot of time. The information required by any researcher is always in their reach and thus there is no need in collecting new and expensive data yet it can be collected through outside bodies linked to the organization or firm. From the report compiled by the consultants, it is evident that they have used the internal secondary data form of collecting information as it is available within the organization in functional activities like the sales and marketing data, personnel statistics, and the production facts.

The company reports, in-house magazines of the company, and the internal memos are also documents used to display this kind of information.

This method has been used by most researchers because it involves the interaction of parties in question (company) and those who are directly affected by the products (customers) thus information gotten is from the users and not from the third party. The researchers were able to look at the market, areas of interest, the possible actions for the toys, and recommendations for the company to apply. The method of data collection is most appropriate because it has given emphasis on the areas in the discussion by describing and explaining existing relationships and is well organized even for those who are visiting the company for the first time, they will be able to interpret the results of the findings without much difficulty.

The parties who carried out the research are well known for their competency in work and are available for any inquiries and clarification hence the method employed is very appropriate as it touches on all the areas that need to be reflected on by the research team. The secondary data collection analysis achieved its intended goal in a concise and appropriate manner without posing any difficulty from both the clients and the company who were all co-operative to assist the researchers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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