Essays on Strategic Position of Amazon Business Case Study

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The paper "Strategic Position of Amazon Business" is an amazing example of a case study on business. This report is prepared to analyze the strategic position of Amazon Business using SWOT and Porter’ s Five Forces tools. The first section to be presented is the company overview then is followed by SWOT analysis. This SWOT is disintegrated into strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The third section covers on SWOT matrix, which fundamentally represents graphically SWOT analysis. The next stage covers the use of Porter’ s five forces to analyze the competitive position of Amazon.

Finally, the report will offer five recommendations to the management of Amazon. com Inc listed as: To capture more customers, an aspect of referees can be factored into any online purchases Customers making an online purchase can be asked to rate the company’ s services and subsequently highlight areas that need improvement. Provide incentives such as discounts to frequent customers. This would improve repeat business. Collaborate with all levels of education to build a reading culture. To avoid the seasonality of purchases, Amazon should carry out market studies then proceed to differentiate its products with respect to market descriptions and demand.   Introduction This business report starts with an overview of Amazon. com.

Briefly, Amazon is a customer-centric company based in the US with three main sets of customers including consumers, sellers, and enterprises. The two major segments covered by Amazon are North America and International Markets. Through its retail website, Amazon serves its customers by focusing on wide selection, affordable prices, and convenience. The report then progresses to address two fundamental analysis tools including SWOT and Porter’ s Five Forces Analysis. The SWOT will be further simplified in the SWOT matrix.

Finally, this report will proceed to state five practicable recommendations listed. Company Overview Amazon. com Inc was started in 1994 by Jeffrey Bezos after noting that internet sales were growing very fast. The CEO launched the company in July 1995 with a vision to use online as a channel of making a purchase of books fast, easy, and exciting experience to the customer. Since then, the company has continually expanded its customer base and sales revenue such that the revenue increased from $15.7 million in 1996 to $2.76 billion in 2000 (Hof, 2000).

Now, Amazon. com is the destination for many customers. One of the main factors that have propelled Amazon into fame is its concentration on customer’ s desires and the objective of personalizing the client’ s needs. SWOT Analysis This is a useful tool when auditing Amazon’ s internal and external environment. Usually, SWOT analysis is the first stage of planning and assists marketers to pay attention to major issues. The strengths and weaknesses of SWTO are classified as internal factors while opportunities and threats fall under external factors (Porter, 2008).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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