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The paper 'Empowerment in the Organization Marriott International" is a good example of a management case study. As of June 16, 2006, the Marriott International operated or franchised 2,789 lodging properties, with 507,130 rooms (Des Moines: Marriott International Reports Robust 2006 Second Quarter. Significant REVPAR, Margin and Earnings Growth, 2006) in 67 countries (Marriott Emerges as a Top Performer on Black Enterprise's 40 Best Companies for Diversity List, 2006). ). Marriott International, Inc. is an enterprise in the service sector under Hospitality, Hotels, Motels and Tourism Industries. This company is known globally for franchising and operating luxury hotels including related lodging facilities (Marriott 2006.

Marriott International Inc. 's official address is at 10400 Fernwood Road, Bethesda, Maryland, MD 20817 United States with telephone number 1-301-3803000, fax number 1-301-3803967, E-mail: investorrelations@marriott. com, Website: http: //marriott. com/default. mi. Its current workforce is 133,000 as of March 25, 2005, headed by Marriott, Jr., J. W. as the Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer. For a brief background history, Marriott International was founded in 1993 when Marriott Corporation split into two companies (Marriott 2006). The other company was named Host Marriott Corporation.

In 1995, Marriott International purchased a 49 percent interest in Ritz-Carlton. In 1998, Marriott International purchased an additional 50 percent interest in Ritz-Carlton, giving them 99% ownership. Marriott International begins a major restructuring by spinning off Senior Living Services Communities and Marriot Distribution Services in 2002 so that it can focus on hotel ownership and management. It was finished at 2003. The Ramada International Hotels & Resorts is sold to Cendant on September 15, 2004. Marriott International's operations are comprised of full-service lodging, timeshare, extend-stay lodging, synthetic-fuel and select-service. Full-service lodging (65%), timeshare (14%), extend stay lodging (6%), synthetic-fuel (4%) and select-service (11%) are included in the lodging business (Marriott 2006).

The company operates and continuously develops franchises hotels and corporate housing properties under thirteen different brand names. Marriott International, Inc. [NYSE: MAR] is known around the world for operating and franchising of value and luxury hotels and related lodging facilities. Their operations are separated into five business segments. Likewise, the operation, marketing and development of Marriott timeshare under four separate brand names are under Marriott International. While its synthetic fuel operation consists of an interest in four coal-based synthetic fuel production facilities (Marriot 2006)The synthetic fuel produced by the Marriott International, Inc.

qualifies for tax credits based on Section 29 of the Internal Revenue Code. For the fiscal year ended 30 December 2005, The Marriott International's revenues rose 14% to $11.55B. Net income from continuous operations rose 12% to $668M (Marriott 2006). Revenues reflect increased REVPAR and occupancy levels resulting in higher revenues from the full-service, select-service, timeshare and extended-stay lodging segments. Net income was partially offset by an increase in the general and administrative expenses that resulted in pre-tax charges associated with the CTF transaction (finance. yahoo. com). Outline of the Staffing of the Operation Staffing pattern in every branch of the Marriott International is similar.

Whatever system they use in one branch are replicated in all the others. That is, their management is continuously analyzing the competencies and skills required for globally-oriented staff in the lodging industry, essential for companies that hope to remain competitive. Their aim is excellent service through highly skilled and efficient staff that pass international standards.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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