Essays on Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Outsourcing Report

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The paper "Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Outsourcing" is a wonderful example of a report on management. It is possible for the company to increase the company’ s supply chain strategies beyond importing component parts for its pumps to outsourcing production to overseas manufacturers. This report holds a firm position that for effective decision making with regard to outsourcing production of our company that deals with the manufacture of industrial vacuum pump intended for use by medical, as well as hospitality industry; the board should consider both ethical and corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues which are relevant in making the company benefit from outsourcing its production.

This is issues are critical to be addressed, even as the company looks forward to maximizing results, increase their market share, reduce their manufacturing costs, and boost profits. The decision to take on outsourcing the production of the company is such a core process that many positively affect the company; however, it may also have costly consequences that may ruin the company. This is why the report holds that there is a need for a number of key issues to be examined by the board before they make the ultimate decision to outsource production.

It is important for the board to consider the issues that surround outsourcing, and also build up mechanisms by which risks involved can be minimized. DefinitionsBusiness Ethics: Business ethics concerns itself with is the application of morally appropriate behaviors and daily running of a business venture. Corporate Social Responsibility: Corporate Social Responsibility may simply be looked at as processes where businesses negotiate their role in society. This is important for the purposes of ensuring that an organization has both social and commercial benefits.

This implies that CSR is conducted to ensure that the business grows in a way that it gives value to everyone who is connected to the business.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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