Essays on Core Value Proposition - M135i Hatch of BMW in Australia Case Study

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The paper "Core Value Proposition - M135i Hatch of BMW in Australia" is a good example of a marketing case study.   Bavarian Motor Works is a German automobile company that deals in the manufacture of motor vehicles, and motorcycles and automobile engines. The company was founded in 1917 and is found in German with its headquarters located in Munich. The company is known for its luxurious cars namely the Rolls Royce and other motor vehicles under the BMW brand. This has made BMW cars one of the most preferred cars in the world due to their performance and the comfort afforded by the cars.

Recently BMW introduced M135i Hatch, which was specifically manufactured for the Australian market. The car runs on a 3-liter turbocharged engine. This translates to 316 horsepower and can reach a speed of 62mph within 4.9 seconds. This gives the car a sporty edge which is an advantage as it gives it the capability to compete with other sport utility vehicles. Additionally, the M135i Hatch has the ability to negotiate the rough terrain that is evident in most rural parts of Australia.

Therefore, this means that any person who faces difficulties while navigating rough terrains is less likely to face similar problems with the M135i Hatch. In addition to these, the M135i Hatch easily navigates tarmacked roads and the experience is said to be amazing due to the hydraulic suspension. BMW has also ensured that the steering of the car is smooth and safe, as the steering is semi-automatic. This comes in handy especially when the car is at a high speed, thereby minimizing instances of accidents arising from bad steering (BMW 2014) The rising trend in the automobile world indicates that individuals now prefer sports cars and big cars.

With this in mind, the M135i Hatch embodies both aspects making it a preferred option for individuals who have a passion for sports cars and big cars. Additionally, the price of the M135i Hatch is quite favorable for the average Australian who make up the large population and market for the automobile industry. Additionally, the fact that it is a hatchback means that it is well suited for a family set up.

This makes it easy for families to go out for drives due to the loading capacity of the car. Additionally, M135i Hatch is quite spacious as it accommodates five people which is the average size of most families in Australia (Top Gear, 2013). Core value proposition The core value proposition is described as the experience or satisfaction a customer is likely to get upon the use of a certain product. The creation of the core value proposition is one of the main if not the main tool in the marketing field.

This is attributed to the fact that with the core value proposition a marketer is capable of determining how the targeted market is going to receive the product. Additionally, the core value proposition not only describes the positive reaction of the market target but also stipulates the likely negative the intended market is likely to experience when using the product (Barnes, Blake & Pinder 2009, p. 150). Therefore, with the help of the core value proposition, it becomes quite easy to estimate whether the product will be received or rejected in the intended market.

This, in turn, gives companies that have implemented the use of core value proposition an edge over the competing companies. Companies that do not implement the use of core value proposition gamble with the target market. This is to say that such companies do not know what factors make their products stand out compared to others. Additionally, a lack of implementing core value proposition means that a company does not reach the undecided individuals in the target market. However, companies implementing the core value proposition are able to reach out to the undecided individuals in the target market.

This, in turn, leads to such companies’ realizing more profits compared to their rivals. Additionally, such companies experience minimal or no loss compared to their rival companies. This is attributed to the fact that their products in the market are usually sold out (Schultz, et al 2009, p. 299)


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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