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The paper "Qantas Versus Virgin Australia Airlines" is a great example of a Marketing Research Paper. The marketing mix is the set of tactics and actions that companies use to promote their products or brands in the market. The goal of the report was to analyse the marketing mix between Qantas and Virgin Australia Airline. The study used case study as the research method while the data was collected from secondary documents. Secondary analysis was conducted to determine the marketing mix between Qantas and Virgin Australia Airlines. The result shows that despite the fact that Qantas has a stronger brand; Virgin Australia has been having a better marketing mix thus gaining the edge.

However, both the companies need to improve their marketing mix to ensure sustainability. The managers of the airlines can, therefore, use the study findings to improve their marketing mix and profitability. The marketing mix is the main model in marketing and is defined as a set of marketing tools that business practices to realize its marketing goals in the target market. It is, therefore, made of four pillars of marketing decisions: place, promotion, price, and product.

The marketing mix, also referred to as the 4Ps, is a common framework for decision making in marketing management and it was first published in 1960. However, when it comes to marketing services, an extended marketing mix is often used. It usually has 7 Ps which adds physical evidence, people, and process to the initial 4Ps. In some of the instances, ‘ Performance’ is added thus forming 8 Ps instead of 7 Ps. The goal of the study is to analyze the market mix of Qantas and Virgin Australia Airlines. Qantas is the largest Australian international and domestic airline.

It was found in Queensland in 1920 and initially registered as the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited, abbreviated as QANTAS (Qantas). Today, Qantas is one of the strongest Australian brands and is known as the leading long-distance airline in the world. It has established its status for excellence in customer service, engineering and maintenance, operational reliability, and safety. It also owns Jetstar Airways which is a low-cost airline that operates in both domestic and international services. Virgin Australia Airlines, formerly known as Virgin Blue Airlines, is the second-largest airline in Australia.

It is the largest airline, based on the fleet, to use the brand ‘ Virgin. ’ The airline was established in 1999 and it is based in Bowen Hills, Brisbane (CAPA Centre for Aviation 2015). Virgin Australia Airlines became the second-largest airline in Australia after the collapse of Ansett Australia in 2001. Today the airline is directly serving more than twenty-nine cities in Australia from Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane hubs. The major sections of the project report are an introduction, literature review, research methodology, presentation of findings, and conclusion and recommendations.

The research methodology is divided into case study methods and data collection. On the other hand, the presentation of the findings segment is divided into data analysis and reflection sub-segments. Marketing mix concept plays a crucial role in marketing. According to Goi (2009), market mix helps translate marketing plan into practice. The 4 Ps is the basic concept in market mix since the additional Ps have not yet achieved consensus on agreement and eligibility over their practical application.

Marketing mix has been evolving over decades (Londhe 2014). However, the common thing over these decades had been ‘ value. ’ In explanation, the customers enter into the marketing process to seek for “ value” while the marketers focus on the “ valued customer” (Londhe 2014, p. 335). The evolution of the marketing mix theory has seen several question in modern marketing answered compared to the traditional theories. Factors in the marketing mix significantly absorb the customers (Pour, Nazari, & Emami 2013). Upon deciding on the market group, the product is introduced in the market through developing the suitable promotion, place, price, and product.

The four items are to be mixed or combined in suitable proportions so as to attain the marketing goal.



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