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The paper "Salfordia Construction Company" is a perfect example of a case study on management. Salford construction organization is a medium-sized construction management organization that has been in operation since 1975. The organization serves customers from both the private sectors in Salford’ s North West regions. The organization management team is mostly comprised of family members, this point out that the organization needs to review its management strategies to enhance accountability within the organization. The company in a long time it has been in operation has maintained traditional methods of procurement and thus needs to get information on how to update its procurement procedures to be more modernized thus spur up growth as well as the integration of new technology in the organization( Cameron & Quinn 2011). As stated out by Rummler & Brache (2012) the company thus requires an analysis of its leadership strategies, organizational culture, and business development strategies so that they can improve them to be in line with the organization’ s goals, objectives, and its SWOT analysis findings.

The organization’ s management also requires information that will guide them on the alternative procurement procedures so that the organization will change from the traditional procurement methods it is currently using to procure contracts.

Therefore, as the newly appointed business development manager for the Salfordia construction organization, this report provides the management of the company with information on the organization’ s current business strategies, organizational culture, leadership strategies, alternative methods for procuring work as well as the proposal of the improvements. They are required in the organization so as to make the Salfordia construction business adaptive to change, more technologically updated, and thus achieve growth in the organization. Analysis of the organization and cultureSalford construction management operates as a medium-sized organization, it carries out its work through sub-contractors thus does not apply direct labor.

The organization is a family business and four of the six directors are from the family. This forms part of the current organizational culture of the organization, which requires improvement so as to increase the competitiveness and market share for Salfordia’ s construction organization.


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