Essays on Report RTP Industries Is A Major Global Manufacturer Of Steel And Aluminium Products. The Company Math Problem

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Introduction and Problem descriptionStatistical process control applies statistical methods to monitor and control processes so that they are efficient and their operations are as desired. The products produced by a process after the application of SPC should be conforming and there should be no wastes. It uses tools such as the control charts, which focuses on continuous improvement fro experiments. A process examination using this process and any variation noted numerically. This thus helps in the detection and correction of problems in processes. The data collected finds its use in the detection of any bottlenecks, any delays and wait times.

SPC has two kinds of variation known as the common cause variation or the natural variation that may include temperature, raw materials properties current strength etc and the special cause variation that may include the raw materials that are abnormal or set up incorrect parameters. It thus entails the understanding of the process, getting to know the cause of variation and elimination of the source of the variation. Control charts monitoring aids in the understanding of the process. Variations detected from the control charts and their causes identified help in eliminating them through standard work developments proofing the errors or by trainings.

(Selden, P., 1997)RTP industries mainly manufacture aluminum and steel globally. It has plants where many different types of metals produced in countries such as Italy, UK, USA, Hungary, India, china and Brazil. It is also involved in the supply of manufactures of cars and home appliances in Asia and Europe. Due to its reduction in prices caused by competition from India and Chinese manufacturers, the company thought that it was better for them to reduce the prices of their produce to fit in the market.

This led to a fall in the company’s profits as well as the revenues thus calling for an action taken by the company to revive itself back to its better status. In the company’s research and development unit, it employed young engineers who they believed were inventive and this led to the introduction of some six more new products to the market since it was a strategy that was efficient and successful. Ever since, the company became reputable as a partner and supplier who are innovative.

Through this success, thus, the company’s CEO has initiated a quality and efficiency plan, which is country wide with an aim of satisfying the customer, has needs through the identification of those needs effectively and make sure that there is no waste in the company. Thus, the company has adopted statistical process control (SPC) as one of the tools related with Total Quality Management (TMQ) to measure how their manufacturing processes perform and make sure that these processes meet the standards that are required.

As part of this plan, the company has recently adopted a number of quality management tools associated with the Total Quality Management (TMQ). One of these tools is Statistical Process Control (SPC) that the company wants to use to measure the performance of their manufacturing processes to ensure that the processes meet the required standards.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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