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The paper "Current Market for Retail Book Industry in Australia" is a great example of a marketing case study.   This is a report on the current market for Retail Book Industry in Australia. The environmental analysis regarding the macro environment and the information on market segmenting and target markets regarding the industry are provided. The results depict that the target market is the ageing population otherwise known as baby boomers and the population of these aged individuals is expected to rise over the coming years. In addition, the findings from the macro-environmental analysis show that the book retail industry in Australia is declining.

Conclusions about the decline in the retail book industry in Australia is provided discussing all the factors that might have contributed to this decline. Also, the report also concludes that the target market chosen will provide an opportunity for increased profits margins. Finally, the report provides some recommendations on retail book industry in Australia including some of the ways organizations in the industry can use the decline to their advantage. Introduction This is a report on the findings of the current market for Retail Book Industry in Australia.

The report provides an insight into the macro environment of the retail book industry in Australia regarding the social, technological, political, and economic environments. Further, an analysis of the market segments available to the industry is carried out by selecting the best target segment that a new organization planning to enter the industry can invest in. The Macroenvironment The macro-environment that the print book retail industry in Australia operates in has been one of the primary factors that have led to the steady decline of the Industry (Clayton, 2016).

An analysis of the macro-environment in which the industry operates regarding the political, social, economic, and Technological (Gale, 1976) will be provided in this section of the report. Political or Legal The main legal issues that the booksellers in Australia have been lobbied upon by the Australian Federal Government are based on the ability of the industry to compete with international retailers. They include: Parallel importation Booksellers in Australia are required to buy books in bulk orders from the rights holder as stated in the Australian Copyright Act.

If the rights are, locally held, Australian booksellers are not in any capacity able to buy from international suppliers that sell cheaper editions. This scenario often leads to a rise in the price of locally produced books and ultimately affects how Australian bookstores compete with international online stores. The customers would often prefer to purchase books offshore from international online stores, and this has led to the decline of the book retail industry in Australia (Clayton, 2016). Imposing GST (Goods and Service Tax) on international book purchases The current Australian Federal Government does not subject Australian Goods and Services Tax on books bought from international stores.

This has led to international booksellers to sell the books 10% less. However, the Australian Federal Government will start subjecting all imports to GST from July 2017, and international stores will collect the taxes on behalf of the government (Clayton, 2016).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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