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Avon fire and rescue service company that provides some emergency rescue services as well as protection services to the communities. It is thus locally operating services companies whose operations are do not covers a much larges area. This are hold a pollution of people ranging from nine hundred thousands to one million. Having this range of area to be covered and such a large population of people, the company has for time endeavored to delivery its services to the whole area to its maximum capability. This has been enhanced by having a moderate’s number of employees.

The company has employed one thousand plus staff officer who are deployed at different fire station which are numbered to be twenty three of them. This compares of the head quarters whose base is at Bristol city centers. The company has dedicated its efforts to the provision of services to the people hence it has established several centers where they furnish free information to the communities they serve. They have well established station which includes the heads quarters of Bristol and bath, kinship, speedwell, Weston-super-, mare and are fire station which does provide free safe advice as well as internet and meeting services.

Among the entire employees body, there are those two hundred and thirty five employees who are fire fighters on retained duty. Roles of individuals and teams within the organization individuals within then organizationBehaviors change on someone is achieved through learning. Learning is considered to be somehow a permanent change in behaviors. This comes from the activities which are observables and are coordinated in an internal process. These processes lead to happenings which include behaviors, cognitive and social behaviors changes.

In the behavior approach, we individual would firsts observed and experiences the world environment which is presenting itself in the physical manner. We thus functions according to the naturals laws. This means that as individuals the change which occurs is due to a cause and an effect in the environment we are experiencing. As employees, they also have the power to gather information from the resources which are available and necessary for understanding their problem as well as solving their problems.

However, the recourses which are necessary gathered are put in different methods until the puzzles which they have got solution to the problem. From this point the individuals are then bound to gain the insight of the gathered information if the problem which the individual usually have is not solved. When this happens, the individuals would evaluate the information at hand in order to adopt the right correction process techniques. This means the learning can only be measured through what people do at work and this is only controllable by not exposing these workers to some environment which would give them bad impression of learning of the others.

The effects on works are brought about by subjecting them on courses involving reinforcement and punishments. The punishment and reinforcement goes in a simultaneous manner were when you want to reinforce some there must be some sort of punishment in case the action of being requested to food fails. This is why the rescues department has assigned duties to different people. Some having to respond in fulltime duties while other are part time workers who responses for rescues in case of incident.

This means reinforcement is there to strengthen, however there is positive and negative reinforcements. Positive reinforcement would add something that would increases response while negative reinforcement would take some thing which is negative away also to increase a response. When there is any sort of behavior which is either wanting punishments reinforcement are used decrease the notions. This means that the organization behavior of individuals can be controlled by having these two factors on operations. These are major in including behavior changes to both individuals and also in groups work.

This can be achieved by having to apply the two in certain procedures whereby a fixed ratio can be used to set a problem arising to individual. Another method which works with reinforcement is the use of fixed interval method.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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