Essays on Research Coursework

Health sciences and medicine, research [Insert al Affiliation] In chapter Blessing and Gorister offer a candid and comprehensive elucidation of research. While many healthcare professions might consider research to be a mysterious process which is difficult to comprehend and conduct, from the authors’ perspective, research has determined virtually everything that is currently practiced and the much advancement in healthcare that shall be practiced in future. The complex methods of research should not be an impediment to healthcare professionals since through research their inquisitiveness can be fulfilled and their mysteries unraveled. While there are many types of research including experimental, laboratory, applied, clinical, descriptive and pure research, the initial step towards conducting an efficacious research is the formulation of a clear and precise research question and choosing the research design that best suits the prevailing scenario. Rather than shunning it, every healthcare provider needs to embrace research since it is the only way of improving the quality and value of healthcare.
Chapter 2 explicates the importance of research in various healthcare sections and the challenges threatening its existence and significance. Research in clinical science laboratories provides data and information that is reliable and reproducible hence enabling healthcare professionals to make important clinical decisions. Similarly, it is through research that occupational therapy (OT) determines whether the services provided to clients are beneficial (Blessing & Gorister, 2013). However, OT has not always been proficient due to unobtainability of empirical evidence to support assertions; the current upsurge in technology where complex research can be undertaken may moderately disentangle this disparaging issue. For physician assistant professions and physical therapists, solid and systematic research has evidenced to be the impeccable way of ensuring that they advance their knowledge and provide quality healthcare services.
Blessing, J. D., & Gorister, J. G. (2013). Introduction to research and medical literature for health professionals (3rd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett.