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Research Paper RESEARCH PAPER Introduction Our company is Tay and Tey Beverage Company situated in Washington dc. I decided on the rhyme name so that it can be unique in the market. Such a name is quiet attractive more to youthful generation since they will compose almost sixty percent of our market. Thus we will be able to enter into the market segments with ease as majority of our rivals tends to neglect the spending power of the young generation. Hence, we will compete and establish ourselves as market decision contenders. Functional department The organization deals in products that most often require face to face interaction between the service provider and the customer.

Thus for us to succeed, the function department will be key to the latter. This department is tasked with coordination of various units in the business that ensures smooth flow of work hence minimizing interference (Ho, 2011). The department will also allocate duties to staff members according to their suitability in the production process so that every one works out of specialization. This helps to maximize output and efficiency which provides for positive growth of the firm. Product department This is the area that will be responsible for producing key products that are required in the organization.

They will ensure that raw materials are provided for in time, coordinate production process by supervising respective workers in the production line. The unit is also mandated to ensure that quality foods are produced that compete with the rival firms. Thus, by providing quality services, we will attract more customers into the business. More customers translate into more sales hence increased profits. Customer department. Food industry usually involves a one on one interaction with the clients and it is necessary to create the department.

This unit will be concerned with immediate response to customer queries, explain and make our clients understand our products. The unit should also be able to convince the customers on why they should choose our place rather than the competitors (Ho, 2011). These will provide for complete information to our clients and increase trust that creates a good environment for the business operations. Geographic department. Positioning of any business is very much helpful to the success of the business.

Strategic business locations like in the case of food industry, say along a major street or a renowned place within the city, is more and easily accessibility by customers than if the business was to be located in less known places. The department thus will be required to determine strategic position that is beneficial for the organization. This will save the firm such expenses as advertisements of business locations and only do so in promotion of the company products. Mixed department Unity and collaboration in an organization plays a key role in development of the firm and its employees.

Under the department, the company will allow corporative operations between different departments so that they work in the production process. For instance, functional department and product units can work together, combine their staffs and report to a common person. By doing so, our employees will be much flexible in the system, diversify knowledge and understands the company fully (Ho, 2011). Thus the company does not have to rely on one person but have an increased pull of workers. Reference Ho, S.

C. (2011). A Case Study of Departmentalization: Perspective of Integrating Six Management Elements.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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