Essays on Impacts of Corporate Social Responsibility on Organizational Performance - the UK Case Study

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The paper "Impacts of Corporate Social Responsibility on Organizational Performance - the UK" is a perfect example of a business case study. Corporate Social responsibility has gained ascendancy in most organizational studies literature owing to its corresponding connection with the success of organizations. In the competitive and complex business environments, businesses have to capitalize on the slightest opportunities to gain a competitive edge in the market. The major aim of businesses is making profits and attending to the need of customers (Ozuem, Howell, and Lancaster, 2014, p. 399). Not until recent decades, companies were more oriented towards financial performance than the wellbeing of society (Ozuem, Howell, and Lancaster, 2014, p. 399).

However, as the legal systems became strict and regulations put in place for businesses to comply with, most enterprises embraced the corporate social responsibility initiatives to avoid being accused of non-compliance (Ozuem, Howell, and Lancaster, 2014, p. 399). This study intends to look into the nexus between corporate social responsibility and organizational performance within the companies operating in the UK. The link between CSR and organizational performance applies to businesses operating both locally and internationally.

Therefore, this study is significant in that it will open ways to understanding how to increase organizational performance through CSR practices. Some of the benefits of CSR include a positive image, increased productivity, customer loyalty and trust and greater financial performance of an organization. It is noteworthy that CSR as a concept applies to businesses whether small or large. Even though the setting of the study in the UK, it is transferable and enforceable to any business globally. Research Objectives and Research Questions As mentioned above, this study aims at examining the Small Medium Enterprises and Multinational and National Corporations operating in any sector that supports the economy so as to find the link between CSR and organizational performance.

The study will achieve its purpose by answering a series of research questions.


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