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The paper 'Complex Relationship between Performance and Management" is a perfect example of a management article. The above article analyses the complex relationship between performance and management. It also shows how to develop and test a dual feedback model. The topic of the article is not important to the understanding of organizational behaviour since it does not show how organizational behavior affects the performance of the business. Organizational effectiveness in UAE is also not reflected in this article. The introduction part does not give past background about the topic but shows the relationship between the variables which include public management and management for performance.

The article also shows the relationship between systems theory and strategic theory showing their inconsistency on the dual feedback model of performance and public organization. There is, therefore, no statement of the problem in this article. This article analyses the strengths and weaknesses in terms of style of writing, the definition of the problem, methodology and the analysis. Rather than comparing the variables in the introductory part, the author should have given a brief background about performance and management.

Later the author should have shown how the relationship between performance and management affect the development and testing a dual feedback model. Creswell (2003) the introduction part shows where management performance is applied which include in local governments, schools, regulatory agencies. The author also shows the factors that affect organizational outcomes. These factors include information technology, networking activities, decisions and innovations. The author puts it that the study suggests that the causal relationship between management and performance is reciprocal and that performance causes management. I think that this conclusion should not have been in the introduction part but in the conclusion part after the literature review. Literature review The literature review provided in this article is not comprehensively addressed due to various reasons.

One is that the literature is not precise in that there is no much information showing how management matters in performance. Instead, the article should have shown the importance of management in business organizations and how its presence influences the performance of the organization. The author is therefore not original since there is no evidence of a comprehensive study.

The literature is also not up to date most of the references are from the 1960s, for example, the statement showing that the best performing public organizations are often led by innovative and effective managers who are capable of matching organizational practices and processes to the demand of the environment. The author talks of how management influences policy results for example through leadership, integration and assessment but it is not shown how these factors exactly affect policy results (Behn, 586-604). The author talks of a growing number of empirical studies have attempted to show yet it is not shown the authors of those studies.

In the literature review, the author talks of a set of authors exploring the utility of the framework offered by O’ Toole and Meier (1999) have found evidence of more direct managerial impact on outcomes. The writer should have shown the set of authors by name and what exactly was found out in their study. It is also not appropriate to say that the original authors with various coauthors, instead the writer should show the names of the original author and the names of the rest of the authors.

The part for management matters does not show how management matters in an organization but has only shown what other scholars have said about management. Instead, this part should have been placed at the introduction part which shows the background information about what other authors view the topic. The ‘ management matter’ part is therefore not comprehensively covered and does not end with a statement showing the importance of management (Holliday, 2007).

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