Essays on Cloud Computing: Today and Tomorrow by Wom Kim Article

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The paper "Cloud Computing: Today and Tomorrow by Wom Kim" is a great example of an article on information technology. The article on cloud computing: Today and Tomorrow by Wom Kim is historical because the researcher did historical sources such as official documents and files. Historians base their research on primary and secondary sources which Wom Kim used in the article. The article also looks at how technology has developed up to the cloud computing aspect. The researcher also wants to find out the past practices in technology which explains where we are and the next step we are going to or the future.

Historical research also looks at changes and perspectives which is the case in this journal.   This article is also descriptive because of the observational method and surveys on the types and techniques of Cloud computing and the best services offered by different companies. The studies looked at the opinion of the users of the services. Correlational research is research that is based on collecting data on multiple variables and correlating these to the exam if there is any relationship.

The main aim is to discover the relationship between the variables. There are several services under investigation in the article and relate the services of one product to another. The vendors of various platforms for cloud computing are also compared among other issues to find out if there is any relationship. The study looks at the relationship between security of service and the services demand on the market. Experimental research is a design in the research where the researcher is looking at the technical issues in cloud computing. There are two groups, therefore, those using cloud computing services and those that are not using these services.

The cause of the technical issues in cloud computing is under investigation. Quasi-experimental is in the research design because the researcher looks at the possible problems that cause technical issues among other issues in the study. Evaluation is where the researcher has evaluated the cloud computing technology, it’ s operation the effectiveness of the technology among other issues. While the researcher has made observations on the services and how it is offered and accessed hence observational research design.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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