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The paper "Product Innovation " is a great example of management coursework.   Product innovation is an essential part of any business. With technological change and the numerous transformations that are taking place in society every day, wise is the company managers who move with the times, seeking to satisfy an eager market that is ever ready for new products. Product innovations are very important and as such, make a great topic for research. In line with this fact, I decided to review three journal articles, in order to find out how far they have gone in adding to the body of knowledge on this topic. The articles were all published after 2006, and cover a wide variety of topics concerning product innovation.

The specific articles are: ‘ The intellectual structure of product innovation research: a Bibliometric study’ , written in 2010 by Boris Durisin, Giulia Calabretta, and Vanni Parmeggiani. The mentioned article was published in the Journal of Product Innovations Management, and it reviews all articles contributed to the journal between 1984 and 2004. The article assesses the citations used in the articles, seeking to find how they are connected to a range of topics of products innovations research. The second article to be reviewed is ‘ R& D Collaborations and Product Innovation’ .

The said article was written by C. Annique Un, Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, and Kazuhiro Asakawa, and was published in the Journal of Product Innovations Management in 2010. The authors move away from the path chosen by the previous authors, seeking instead to find out the impact of product innovations research and development of firms with different stakeholders like universities, suppliers, customers and competitors. The final article is entitled, ‘ Innovation management and thought leadership – a cultural requirement in a globally competitive environment’ .

It was written by Dr. Michel Soto Chalhoub, and published in the Journal of American Academy of Business in 2010. The article moves out of the box in trying to address the issue of innovation by defining it in a broader context, which is a process by which companies can function and put together performance-driven customs in the workplace. This report will summarize, analyze and critique the journal articles, all in a bid to help me to develop the ability to determine the appropriateness of the suggested research designs in achieving the proposed research objectives.

Additionally, the report will help me to find gaps in the field of innovation that will give me pointers on what to do when the time comes to write and submit a research proposal. 2. Research design The research design employed in any study will determine its outcome. Thus, any researcher seeking to get excellent results to form his work needs to be careful about what sort of design he uses. Research designs have several characteristics.

As previously stated, a researcher should be careful about what he chooses to use on his research as they will determine the outcome of the study. Additionally, some designs are only applicable to specific types of research. For example, there are three types of research designs that may be used in a study. An exploratory design is used for new and undiscovered topics that the researcher wants to find out more about. It helps in the creation of basic awareness in previously unknown areas; it elucidates important issues and exposes variables connected with a problem.

Additionally, it describes choices for tackling research objectives. It answers the ‘ what’ question in research (Trochim, 2006).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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