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The paper "Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Marketing" is a great example of marketing coursework.   Digital marketing is one of the businesses that have faced stiff competition in the world recently. However, many entrepreneurs have embraced it due to its simplicity and divisibility. Many businesses in the world would face severe losses if digital marketing were to disappear. Social sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Gmail have provided great opportunities for many sellers. The rate at which information diffuses is faster, the blogs provide great opportunities for customers to give their feedback concerning the goods, and services offered.

This paper aims at discussing the advantages and disadvantages that are involved with digital marketing. It also aims at pointing out how businesses have improved due to the involvement of social sites. The paper also discusses how social sites have affected the performance of certain companies. Advantages of online marketing Online marketing is considered as the cheapest mode of communication. This is because the amount of money used compared to the target audience is incomparable. The rate at which the information diffuses is also very fast compared to other sources of advertisement (Rhodes, 2012).

Online marketing is also very convenient as customers can budget ad buy at their own convenience. The language used is also the one understood by many customers depending on their geographical locations. The risk involved in digital marketing is also minimal as compared to another source of communication. It is also important that digital marketing has reduced the effect of environmental degradation as papers and other synthetics are not used. Klososcky agrees that the rate at which feedback is received in digital marketing is faster compared to other sources of marketing (Klososcky, 2012).

There is interaction amongst customers and their sellers that are important in establishing good customer care relations with customers. There is also great exposure to goods and services as sites are provided to customers to give their thoughts about the products and services. Through internet marketing, there is also a great possibility to measure and collect data that is important for decision making for any business organization as a means of evaluation. Through digital marketing, the customers are able to have one on one interaction with their clients that creates privacy that lacks in other modes of sale.

Great accountability is provided through digital marketing. Digital marketing also provides a wider variety of goods and services only at the click of a mouse (Wilson, 2010, pp. 6-7). Disadvantages of online marketing Many customers cannot enjoy the physical contact of the goods and services they are purchasing before they receive them. Network failures jams within several internet sites can also lead to failure of advertisement through digital marketing. There are also larger risks involved with online marketing due to privacy and theft cases.

Many online products may end up being fake and these results in a negative impact on the brand companies (Livnat, 2009, pp. 2-3). There are also cases when many customers lose a great amount of money during the transactions. Risks of failure or late delivery are also some of the disadvantages that are involved with digital marketing. Many businesses also have to invest more cash in maintenance costs due to the rapid changes in technology and due to rapid competition.

Digital marketing requires higher transparency on the prices. For this reason, there has been stiff competition amongst companies and this has led to losses. This has also led to worldwide competition due to globalization.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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