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The paper "Canadian International Development Agency - Multilateral Economic Institutions " is a good example of a business case study.   Multilateral economic institutions are set to enhance the development activities of a given nation is achieved. However, with set goals and objectives, such organizations strive to achieve higher goals. The report conducted by the office of the audit in Canada under permission granted by the Auditor general act shows how the Canadian International Development Agency performs its work. The main areas used to evaluate this organization were based on its concentration on the poor people in the society, how consistent it is to the human rights standards and regulations.

Most multilateral economic development agencies such as the Canadian International Development Agency are rated according to its performance regarding its development in society. Most agencies are based on their funding on international assistance committees The Audit act requires multilateral institutions to provide effective reporting on official development spending. Canadian International Development Agency is among multilateral organizations that were established by the Canadian Government to carry out development activities. This agency is important to many people who are living in poverty globally.

Canadian International Development Agency plays an important role in enhancing the prosperity of the people of Canada and abroad. The government of Canada reported that more than $5.2 billion were spent on Official development assistance activities. Half of this amount was spent by multilateral economic agencies which include Canadian International Development Agencies. According to the audit carried out, this agency has links from the departments that are responsible for spending money through multilateral agencies. Such departments supervise how multilateral organizations perform and how they access adequate information to provide effective reports.

Canadian International Development Agency played an important role in the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness (2005). However, the Official Development Assistance encourages multilateral agencies to focus their efforts on poverty reduction. Canadian International Development Agency has access to poverty in many parts of the world including Paris. This organization has helped to reduce poverty levels through the development of income-generating projects that are aimed at improving the living standards of the poor people in society. Canadian International Development Agency channels funds to various organized groups to enable them to access capital to carry out development. About ninety-three percent of the spending by the federal government of Canada is allocated from the international assistance envelope.

Canadian International Development Agency takes a lion share in terms of performance. This agency has fully complied with rules and standards that Human Rights Organization requires multilateral organizations to achieve. Every financial year, Canadian International Development Agency publishes a report that regards Official Development Assistance activities. According to 5th annual report provided by this agency, “ Development results for 2011-2012” shows how this agency helped a woman in Tamale, Ghana, to collect rice from his fields after experiencing short rainfall that led into droughts. Canadian International Development Agency through the farmer program has trained the women in Ghana with agricultural skills to enable them to carry out agricultural practices.

Such practices include irrigation, intercropping and mixed farming practices that enable them to get food as well as income to improve their living standards. The program also empowers women to acquire leadership skills in society. The Canadian development agency has set its priorities towards ensuring the living standards of the poor people in developing countries are attended to.

It aims at empowering women and young generations with skills that enable them to manage their lives.


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