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The paper "International Marketing in Telstra Corporation" is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   Telstra is the common name for Telstra Corporation Limited, an Australian based media and telecommunications company. The company is based in Australia however in the past, it has made moves to avail its services in different other countries including China, Europe, New Zealand and in some parts of the United States. The company has built a lot of network in Australia and has a large marketing voice. The core services that the company offers include mobile services, internet access, hosting and pay television services.

Its background may be dated back in 1992, when the Overseas Telecommunications Commission, a government body established in 1946, was merged with the Australian Telecommunications Corporation (ATC), Overseas Telecommunications Corporation (AOTC) which short-lived, and was renamed to Telstra Corporation Limited in 1993. The term ‘ Telstra’ originates from the word ‘ Telecommunication Australia’ . The company has operated in Australia for more than two decades and has kept on taking new marketing strategies so as to increase both the local and international market of its services.

Telstra Corporation in the past has employed a number of marketing strategies to maintain its dominance in its local Australian market with the coming in of its major competitor, Optus. To counter the effects of new market players, the company has taken initiatives to expand more to the international market. Locally, the company has used ‘ price cuts’ to retain its consumers and market share. The company currently has majored not only to expand its market but its services as well through offering services such as internet access and hosting.

This paper looks at the prospects of the Telstra Corporation expanding its internet access7 hosting services and the pay-TV services to Kenya. Kenya has just had constitutional dispensation and thus has become a good market place where the company can venture into. There are several factors that the company will have to meet in this foreign market which will be discussed, alongside outlining the best entry strategy that the company may use so as to penetrate into the market (Colin & Martin 1998, p. 39). Telstra International Expansion The core international marketing issues that face the company as they venture into the Kenyan market include issues relating to the Kenyan economy and how it is managed, the government policies with regard to foreign investors, the political climate, and the socio-cultural setting that affects people respond to the services being provided by the company.

The Kenyan market demand for internet services, pay-TV and mobile services is still expanding however; the mentioned external factors still play a role in affecting the effectiveness of marketing the services in the country. These factors affect how the Kenyan consumers would embrace the services, and the company in terms of taking the lead in the market with regard to the revenue they would make. It is important to note that the company previously has taken initiatives to increase its international market.

This has been done through the company venturing its business in Europe through the Telstra Europe which has run from 1992, with over 7000 customers who purchase data and host their services. IIn addition, the company moved to New Zealand where it has invested in fibre networks, phone and data services.

Other initiatives have also been made in Hong Kong and other cities.


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