Essays on Proper Measures That Can Be Taken to Reduce of Contain Employees Turnover - Gold Granule Hotel Research Paper

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The paper "Proper Measures That Can Be Taken to Reduce of Contain Employees’ Turnover - Gold Granule Hotel" is a perfect example of a management research paper.   Employee turnover according to Kakes (2010), refers to the number or percentage of employees who leave an organization and are replaced by new employees over a given period usually on an annual basis. Its impact has sparked concerns to senior management, human resources professionals, and industrial psychologists. Employee turnover has proved to be the most costly and apparently the biggest human resources challenge facing most organizations in the modern world.

This loss is felt the most especially if those being replaced were key to the success and continuity of the organization. This research examines the causes and proper measures that can be taken to reduce containing employees’ turnover. 1.1 Background A five-star hotel, Gold Granule Hotel, which is situated in the central business district of Adelaide, is one of the leading hotels in the region. It boasts of serving over 1200 customers per day. The hotel has business facilities which include meeting rooms, secretarial services among other customized facilities.

The hotel also has a fully equipped gym, sauna, and many other entertainment facilities. The hotel boasts of having made profits of over 19 million Australian dollars in their first half-year financial statement and over the years the hotel has recorded a steady profit margin. However, the hotel management is being faced with the worryingly high rate of employees’ turnover due to discontent from employees. The high turnover rate in the Hotel’ s workforce is causing a serious economic impact on the hotel’ s profitability and its survival. The hotel is concerned with the high turnover and is seeking measures to counter this trend.

The profits are likely to decline if the customers feel that the hotel is underpaying or neglecting its employees. The general manager has been spending a lot of money on recruitment and training of employees. The hotel hopes that when employee satisfaction has been met, the profits and progress can easily be attained. Statement of the problem The Hotel’ s growth in the past years has been progressive according to the country’ s economic survey. In the past few years, employees have expressed dissatisfaction with the hotel and the hotel has experienced increased employees’ turnover.

This is costing the hotel a huge amount of money in the form of new staff training, legal suits and the company’ s image has been tainted. The hotel’ s management is a concern and wants to untangle specific reasons for the high employee turnover thorough research on organization behaviors. Objectives To establish the reasons behind the high employee turnover rate at the Gold Granule Hotel over the last two years To establish the influence of workplace environment on employee turnover in Gold Granule Hotel To assess ways to reduce the high employee turnover rate at Gold Granule Hotel Research questions The research was guided by the following questions: What are the reasons behind the high employee turnover rate at the Gold Granule Hotel over the last two years? What employee retention actions are contributing to high employee turnover in Gold Granule Hotel Who influences does the workplace environment have on employee turnover in Gold Granule Hotel?


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