Essays on Navy's Perform to Serve Program Assignment

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The paper "Navy's Perform to Serve Program" is an excellent example of an assignment on military. Population and sample - The investigator will acquire information from the sailors who are affected by the PTS. Forty sailors will be randomly selected from the affected persons. Among the 40 sailors, 20 of them will be randomly selected from persons in their initial enlistment period. The remaining 20 sailors will come from those who are supposed to leave the military. Ways of gathering information - The most applicable research method is the qualitative method. This is because the research does not deal with the isolation and measurement of components (Walliman & Walliman, 2010).

The information will be gathered using interviews and survey questionnaires. It will be helpful to use both methods since one approach will counteract potential weaknesses from another approach. Interviews are effective since they enable researchers to investigate a problem thoroughly. Additionally, they will enable researchers to study the feelings and thoughts of the respondents (Walliman & Walliman, 2010). Questionnaires are also appropriate because the information is obtainable within a short period (Rugg & Petre, 2007).

This is because many sailors will fill the questionnaires at the same time. The questionnaire will be collected after two days after all the sampled sailors have filled them. Interviews will equally be used when the respondents have trouble reading them. Questionnaires are very cost-effective compared to other information gathering methods like observation since it requires less travel to obtain information (Rugg & Petre, 2007). Furthermore, when using this method, many people can help the researcher collecting the required information without affecting the validity and reliability of data (Singh, 2007).   The data collected using the questionnaires can be easily analyzed since the information can be quantified easily and faster.

A researcher can quantify the data manually or using software packages (Rugg & Petre, 2007). Easily quantified information is instrumental when one wants to compare research with other similar ones.   Additionally, it is easy for a researcher to measure changes if a data is quantified. Questionnaires are also effective since a researcher can analyze the collected information in scientific and objective ways. According to researches, it is easier to create new theories and tests the existing ones with quantitative data (Rugg & Petre, 2007). Research instrument Questionnaire Your age ---------- Your pay grade --------- Do you think that the Perform to Serve (PTS) is a fair process?

Why? Do you think the navy will achieve its goal of obtaining many reviews after the implementation of the PTS? Apart from PTS, what do you suggest should be the best option to make the military retain the high achieving sailors? What do think about ‘ Conversion Only’ as a solution to the lower chances of staying in service? Since PTS is lowering your chances of staying in the military, what are you doing about it to increase your chances of staying in? What benefits can you gain from the option of converting voluntarily? What do you think should be the lowest Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery?

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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