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The paper "Air Pollution Going Green" is a wonderful example of a research paper on environmental studies. The intensity of air pollution resulting from automobiles depends mostly on the source of fuel used to charge them. Electric vehicles are charged with energy obtained from clean sources such as hydroelectric power or solar energy which produces little pollution to the environment. Combustion engine vehicles that are charged by unclean sources of energy such as coal, diesel, or oil are believed to be the key sources of air pollution. The various sources of energy present in most regions of the earth fall between clean and unclean sources of energy.

The development of electric vehicles is believed to allow new possibilities in air pollution control and management. Although not fully implemented everywhere, electric vehicles have the capacity to minimize environmental pollution caused by internal combustion engines. Introduction Internal combustion vehicles are accountable for the most pollutants that affiliate urban areas today. Recent studies into the causes of air pollution have revealed that the transport sector of the economy is the principal source of emissions in the atmosphere.

Moreover, internal combustion vehicles are considered the largest producers of carbon dioxides emissions in the air. These vehicles also generate other forms of emissions such as hydrocarbons and sulfur oxides; however, these emissions are minimal in the transport sector. Thesis Statement These emissions are responsible for the numerous environmental problems associated with urban areas. For instance, carbon monoxide combines permanently with haemoglobin in blood replacing oxygen molecules. Moreover, exposure to high carbon monoxide concentrations may result in death because a person’ s tissues are deprived of oxygen. Nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons also react in the presence of sunlight to decompose the ozone layer and thus affecting global temperatures (The New York Times, 1990, 1).

Approaches One of the leading companies in the niche of electric automobiles is Tesla Motors Inc. Energy effective vehicles has become a significant economic drive to automobile manufactures based on the fact that fuel prices are high, and the world is growing more concerns over air pollution. Tesla Motors Inc became popular as the first company to launch a fully operated electric car known as Tesla Roadster.

Though, a significant part of the company involves the production of electric power train machinery. For instance, recently the company powered a Mercedes-Benz electric drive manufactured by Mercedes Benz Inc. The concept applied in Tesla’ s electric cars is the same as that used in regular vehicles with combustion engines. However, Tesla’ s electric car generates power to move from an electric engine which is energized by rechargeable batteries. The electric car has various advantages such as energy efficiency with no exhaust emissions. Electric vehicles convert more than 60 per cent of their energy to power the wheels, unlike other cars that convert less than 20 per cent of their energy into power.

However, owning a vehicle that is powered by batteries alone can prove to be challenging because they are usually unable to move the vehicle for more than 200 miles without charging. The vehicles charging process also consumes a lot of time and may appear inconvenient at times (Johansson; et al, 2012, 120). Conclusion Tesla electric cars manufacturing project may be the most significant technological advancements in controlling the country’ s air pollution and environmental degradation.

The best way to minimize urban pollutions is to control them at their sources. Electric vehicles will eradicate all the emissions associated with motor vehicles because electricity is 100 per cent clean at its end-use. These improvements will result in quality environments in urban populated areas (Rai, 2011, 1).


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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